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      I have submitted the essay for cfa level 2 scholarship. I want to appear for feb 2022

      Just read somewhere that early bird registration closes on 10 aug 2021

      Can you tell me how much time it take to know if you passed for scholarship or not?

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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      Will unsuccessful applicants for a CFA scholarship be able to register with the CFA exam early-bird registration fee?

      Applicants that are not awarded a CFA scholarship are offered the early exam registration fee for the next exam registration, so you should still get the early-bird registration fee even if you miss the early-bird deadline.

      When will you know if you’ve been awarded your CFA scholarship?

      Depends on the type of scholarship.

      For some scholarships, applications are under the management of relevant external institutions. For example an individual applying for a Student role-based scholarship will have his or her application processed by the affiliated university where they are enrolled. Response times will vary therefore by institution.

      On the other hand, applications for the Women’s scholarship are reviewed by CFA Institute on a quarterly cadence and so candidates can expect to hear the outcome of their application within approximately 12 weeks.

      How long do you have to use your CFA scholarship if awarded?

      Successful role-based or Women’s scholarship applicants have up to 12 months in which to use their Award.

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      Thanks for such detailed answer 😊😊

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