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CFA Level II: The 10 Commandments

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        CFA Level II: The 10 Commandments

        By Christine Now that you’ve nailed Level I, you’re all ready to go for Level II. However the exam isn’t exactly the same song and dance as before. Level II is reputed to be the most challenging and…

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        I’d hit Level 2 straight away, but keep L1 materials at hand. Some providers also include an L1 ‘refresher’ book that might be useful, or alternatively use their review books (such as Schweser’s Secret Sauce or Wiley’s 11th Hour) as a refresher book.

        Good luck @seunajayi!

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          Hello! Thanks for the 10 commandments… #3 bothers me a lot. I have a relatively strong back ground in Accounting (and had known a bit of Corporate Finance and Equity from prior studies) so with a few days to my level 1 exam in June and no preparations at all I bought IFT crash course (~15hr Summary videos + another 5hr video on Ethics) from I also squeezed time to review the answers to topic tests on CFA website. Good news is I passed, in a way that surprised even me, scoring >70% in 5 topic areas weighing 62% and 50%-70% in the others. Problem is I don’t only feel like I don’t know enough, I’m very sure I don’t, except for FRA (and maybe Ethics). Some friends have advised I go straight to studying for level 2 using any material i chose without worrying about Level 1 material… Will I struggle significantly because of this? If some Level 2 materials provide some level 1 revision or background, where can i find those? Any useful help will be appreciated… I won’t be studying the curriculum (definitely too bulky and I don’t plan to quit my job anytime soon so I won’t have the time). Thanks.

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