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        How do we enroll for the CFA Investment Foundation Programme? The site says that it would be open for individual registrations only after September 2021. Which institutions offer these programme? I am planning to take the CFA level-1 exam in February 2022. Early registration for CFA level-1 for Feb 2022 is 10th August 2021. Any option to enroll for CFA IFP before opting for the CFA level-1 exam?

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        CFA Investment Foundations is available free for anyone who wishes to register, before it was closed to everyone about 3 months ago. We’re not sure why they stopped new registrations but I assume it’s Covid-related or resource-related, or both.

        You get your curriculum directly from CFA Institute and take the exams online.

        You can enrol for CFA Investment Foundations whenever, even as a charterholder. But I’m not sure if it’s useful to have it if you’re already going for CFA Level 1 since CFA Level 1 >> CFA Investment Foundations.

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