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CFA Institute University program partners:

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        does anyone have idea of CFA Institute University program partners ?? why they are?? like the purpose of them?? or they offer any exemptions to CFA’s or not?? or any other benefit in terms of recognition??

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        Hi @um333 – this post addresses most of the issues around partner schools. More focused on business partner schools, but a lot of the key pros/cons are the same. Basically I would advise against selecting a university because it is a program partner – I wouldn’t attribute too much credit for that.

        Hope this helps! 😉


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        I recently graduated from a part-time program with a partner school. Some of the curriculum was reflective of the CFA curriculum, but not nearly as much as you would want as a candidate. There were a few charterholders in the faculty, but it wasn’t their aim to get anyone to pursue the CFA program.

        Agree with Christine and the link is great as well. It is a nice bonus for the school to be a partner, but there doesn’t seem to be much weight with it quite yet. It could be a tool for better exposure for the program as many b-school students from other industries have no idea what the CFA program is.

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