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CFA Institute customer support impossible to get hold of

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      Anyone else having issues contacting the customer support? Most of the links they provide in case of any problems do not work and it’s impossible to get your call answered…

      Could you recommend what’s the best way to contact them ( I’m based in the UK)?


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      Thanks Neil!
      I’ve sent an email but it’s been a couple of days I haven’t heard from them and also tried to reach them using all numbers provided at the website. The UK tool free number seems like it’s not active…

      The reason I need to contact them is that I need to clarify a couple of things and as I am paying by invoice

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      Same boat, its been virtually impossible to get in contact with customer support through any of the numbers. I think for the time being they are giving preference to the first 2 option that they give. I have dropped a mail too & it has been a 3-4 days, hope atleast we get a reply.

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      Yeah their lines are rammed from the May 2021 postponements. is the general email that gets sorted to the relevant people, so I would always try that.

      The UK toll free number for CFA Institute is 0-800-1247-8132 (24 hours).

      What’s the issue you need help with? If it’s info-based we might be able to help.

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      You’re right, the UK number “is not recognized”. That’s crazy.

      I think @zee has some contacts at CFA Institute but they are unlikely to be able to help with support issues.

      Loads (and I mean LOADS) of candidates are having issues so hopefully it’ll all be sorted soon. The issue they are having is the amount of people with queries – given all the pandemic related issues and uncertainty almost every candidate has a question or an issue. They’ll work through them all eventually… I hope.

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      Thanks @mikey, I hope so too!

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