CFA CFA General Building Statement of Cash Flow using T accounts

Building Statement of Cash Flow using T accounts

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      Hello my wise fellows,

      As we all know FRA is one of the trickiest areas to handle. I have done statement of cash flows during ACCA. They were these huge monstrous statements of cash flows that we were supposed to build and consolidate. Ironically statement of cash flows were the easiest to consolidate and build compared to consolidating Balance sheets. They were simplified by the fact that we could use T accounts to adjust and balance each account. Now, when I came across statement of cash flows here, we have these one line formula things that tell us what to add and subtract from each account in order to balance it out. I find that really confusing and hard to remember. So I went back to simply using T accounts. I was wondering if anyone else is using T accounts like me. Makes life so much easier.

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