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Anki spaced repetition system for study

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      Hi all,
      I studied economics with a minor in Japanese at university.
      During that time, I was introduced to a program called Anki, in which you create or download flashcards in a question and answer format, and test yourself. You then rate yourself on how well you remembered the answer, and the harder it was for you, the sooner the flashcard will be shown again.
      This works extremely well for memorising Japanese vocabulary, grammatical structures, and kanji.

      I have been wondering how the program could be used for CFA study. Granted, studying the curriculum takes enough time on its own, but I’ve noticed my recollection of topics studied weeks ago is quite bad, and if I only invested a bit more time created flashcards and testing myself on them daily, I wonder if my retention of the material would be much better.

      Has anyone on this forum attempted this, and how did they structure the question and answer format of their flashcards for both mathematical material and more wordy material?

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        I used Anki for my FRM Level 1 exam, and will be using it for my CFA Level 3 exam also…I found it invaluable for memorising some of the longer, more detailed FRM formulae (e.g. full Black-Scholes option pricing model).

        I found it a little time consuming to filter out things that would fit the Anki system well, and then as you have mentioned, structure a question/answer style that made sense when reviewing at a later date.

        For formulae, I would literally just write the name of the equation on the first side, and then upload a photo of the actual equation itself on the “answer” side.

        I found it helpful for memorising lists also. But yeah…I came across the same issue of sometimes struggling to figure out how best to structure the card for the more wordy material to gain the most benefit.

        Just do the best you can at the start and then learn your own style as your go through them. You’ll very quickly identify the redundant cards and which cards are the most helpful.

        FYI I used the software at – I downloaded it to my desktop (where I would actually create the cards) along with my phone and ipad for actual review. You can download your Anki card decks to your different mobile devices.

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