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Am i Eligible for CFA Certification

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      Hey Friends,
      Hope you are all doing great.
      I am new pal here having some doubts about the CFA certification. Below is my Background
      I am from INDIA and i am a Bachelor of Engineering Graduate and have 5 Plus years of Experience in Information Technology working in MNC. Now i am planning to shift my career towards Finance and i came across CFA certification.
      I have the below questionnaire about my Eligibility and career path after achieving the CFA certification.
      1. Am i Eligible to write the CFA Exams with my Study and Work Experience Background
      2. Is it easy to pass the exams for the guy like me who is basically from Technology background
      3. As i am planning to shift the career from Technology to Finance domain , how would be the career in future
      4. What will be the Salary packages that i will be getting if i have the CFA certification
      5. Will my experience be considered as relevant in future for Job opportunities or i will be considered as Fresher once i have the CFA certification.

      Please comment with your answers for my questions , Your replies are really appreciated.
      Thank you very much in advance for Reading my post and commenting with your answers.

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        • CFA Level 2

        The CFA is more of a top level certification than an entry level way to enter the field.  I would say the best first step is to seek employment in the financial field.  You can’t get the charter without experience anyway and you may find you don’t enjoy it.  For many, the first step is to get securities licensed.

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          • CFA Level 2

          I’m switching from retail FMCG industry into banking/financial services. I’m taking a massive pay cut, but it is in the industry I want and they will support my studies. Just know that it is hard to change industries and be prepared to take a pay cut. Starting from the bottom though allows me to go into a good stress-free 9-5 job. 

          If you were involved with investment decisions in your current role (budgets, business case proposals, etc), then this should qualify for experience. If it is IT support or implementation, then probably not. 

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            • CFA Level 3

            1. Yes. You can pass the exam but you need 4 years of experience to get the charter
            2. Depends. It is not an easy exam but very doable. You need devotion and if married, a great spouse and support system 🙂
            3. Too broad of a question. I made the gradual change and it worked great for me. Degree of excellence is determined by individual drive.
            4. 🙂 Anywhere from unemployed to 7 figures. Let us put it this way, you will have better chance after CFA than you would have without it.
            5. Based off of what you provided, it will be fresher but that is a non-issue from my perspective.

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