CFA CFA General 7 Tested Tips to Super-Effective CFA Flashcards

7 Tested Tips to Super-Effective CFA Flashcards

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      image7 Tested Tips to Super-Effective CFA Flashcards

      By Christine Flashcards. If you’re a CFA candidate, at some point you would have considered using them. Sometimes you find them ridiculously useful, and sometimes you may find them a bit ineffective…

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      I’m a bog supporter of flashcards for equations and simple but harder-to-remember facts. For equations, I always have the name on one side and the equation itself on the other. Then I try to reproduce the equation blind.

      Dropping out the cards you know well as you go saves ploughing through well-known territory, but consider chucking them back in and starting again at some point with the complete deck, or you might forget them after all!

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      I typed out all my Level 1 CFA flashcards after the fact and made them available. But you must already know that. I made even more for Level 2, someday I’ll hopefully type them out too, but I agree making your own is best. Here are mine if anyone cares:

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      Making notes (i.e. in a notebook as opposed to flashcards) work just as well for me, plus it’s easier to organize.

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