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Which job would you take?

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      Writting to you guys in flight back home from a consulting engagement. Had something weighing on my mind and knew just where to turn, my favorite forum 😉

      Soo here at a career intersection and need your help. My near-term goal is to get into Private Equity once I pass my level 1 this December (fingers crossed). Which one do you think would be best?

      So I am part of a leadership Development Program with my firm and have finished two rotations and now need to choose with one to go with:

      Rotation 1:
      Financial Analyst II in Managed Services for a telecom firm (information pulled from linkedin).
      -Business Case responsible for multiple, highly complex, cross-business unit, bankable opportunities with annual cash flows ranging from $2M to $50M
      • Contributed in contractual negotiations, legal review, KPI/SLA development, and financial due diligence
      • Participated in multiple business development opportunities for corporate initiatives
      to grow our offerings to include smart grid, data management, cloud services, multiple tenant scenarios, network and IT operations
      • Financial responsible for first North American IT Managed Service engagement where I performed due diligence and participated in negotiations for a venture valued at nearly $200M

      Rotation 2:
      Consulting: Business Strategy Group
      • Member of Big Data and Private Equity Practice areas
      • Business case responsible for MENA-based Big Data strategy project spanning three markets, three brands and twelve use cases
      • Provided clients with industry guidance, go-to-market strategies, market research and financial forecasts

      Other Key Considerations:
      Compensation-Salary delta is negligible but MS will deliver better annual bonus
      Work/life balance (most important):At Consulting job work/life balance is really out of your hands and varies with each engagement
      Most Strategy engagements run 2-5 weeks and some work is done remotely
      Giving more time to study, less time in the car, and gas savings.
      Managed Services is the classic 60 work week 9am in office leave at 6
      End destination: Work in Private Equity (O&G, Telecom, or Growth Capital)
      Both can be pitched in a way that will show I have the credentials to join a PE firm especially with my CFA credentials. However, the strategy consulting role will be a much easier sell to potential recruiters
      Firms are looking for individuals with either an I-banking background or a mix of consulting and operations
      MS= Operational Acquisitions that has given me lots of modeling , negotiating, and DD skills
      Consulting= PPT monkey with intense modeling as it comes. I would be part of the Private Equity practice which would be great to get on a PE project

      THANK YOU FOR HANGING IN THERE… Tell me what you think..

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        From where I sit, operational experience is always preferable to generalized consulting. It also sounds like the MS opportunity might give you some good concrete examples of your contribution when it comes time for you to do your next jump.

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        Hi @Tonypetrunin (ah name changed again)? Linkedin and in person would be my bet, it’s a bit more personal than in a crowded conference and you’ve time for better conversations.

        If there’s anything I have learned in my job hunting, switching etc days – you have to CHASE for your dream role. No one’s gonna hand it to you 🙂 Nothing’s too aggressive really (OK maybe camping outside the firm may be a tad creepy..)

        Good luck, pls let us know what you’ve decided and how you’re getting on. I love hearing updates from you guys!

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        On that note, if you were my how would you guys approach these recruiters? Good old fashioned networking via linkedin, in person, conferences etc? I have even considered physically going to the offices of these firms to drop off my CV and cover letter. Its a big aggressive but I at least put a face to my name and make a connection beyond an email. What are your thoughts?

        BTW- Thank you guys for the feedback- this has been a major help.

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        It sounds like you know which one you want to go for @toeknee9121!

        My guess is that you’re inclined for MS given the better worklife balance and better annual bonus. I think to have operational and sector experience in a telecom firm helps set you apart from the other bankers really! So it’s win-win

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          @toeknee9121 I agree that Consulting sounds better experience-wise though. But I’d say if you’re leaning towards MS go for it, since you’ve done the consulting rotation, you can always talk it up with recruiters if you sense that’s what they’re looking for.

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          @Sophie I have been working in the MS role for a 1 year and the Consulting role for 6 months. Do you guys think MS will be a harder sell for PE recruiters? I do see the value in having operational experience but what if I am applying to PE firm without a telecom vertical. I feel like Management Consulting on my resume is a slam dunk especially when paired with my CFA.

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          @zee I suppose you are right, I can always speak to my experiences in consulting. I also fear my MS title “Engagement Manager” may sounds too sales oriented and will push recruiters away.

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