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      Hello dear community,

      I would like to tell you that I appreciate what 300Hours is doing and I am very glad that I have the possibility to pursue the CFA designation alongside with same minded people.

      If anyone can help me, could they please provide me with comments and/or additional explanations regarding the three points below and if they count or will count as relevant work experience for the eligibility for membership? And also, if my work experience does count as relevant, does anyone know how to estimate how many months of relevant work experience you have so far ?

      My work experience so far:

      1. I have been working since August 2011, as a financial consultant to the financial services industry, assisting individual clients and institutional clients in choosing and/or developing risk-management solutions (i.e. insurance) for the client’s current and future situation and/or needs.

      My main responsabilities include:
      * developing an equivalent to the ISP (but not that rigorous) called a “Needs assessment questionnaire”.
      * evaluating the identified client needs and effectively building a portfolio of various financial products that satisfy (manage) the respective needs (risks).
      * presenting to the client a minimum of 3 recommended portfolios/financial solutions.
      * providing post-sale service that requires that at least annually I re-evaluate the client’s needs and rebalance the portfolios as needed.

      2. I have also started teaching and learning others the activities described above. Until now, I have spent roughly 6 months on this type of activity (i.e. teaching).

      3. I have passed CFA level I exam and I am beginning to plan including another professional activity into my routine, that of an evaluator.
      Main responsabilities will include:
      * evaluating businesses, comerce funds and other intangible assets
      * evaluating immovable goods (i.e. real estate, etc.)
      * evaluating movable goods
      * evaluating equity and other financial instruments

      Thank you very much for your consideration and time spent on this post!

      With regards,


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      mikey said:

      hey @alexxxxyy‌ Looks relevant to me. You’ll have about 3 years’ worth, assuming your 6 months teaching is also within the Aug 2011-Aug 2014 period.

      Thank you very much for your input.

      If anyone else wants to share his/her input, it would be greatly appreciated.

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      hey @alexxxxyy‌ Looks relevant to me. You’ll have about 3 years’ worth, assuming your 6 months teaching is also within the Aug 2011-Aug 2014 period.

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