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Pre-recorded interview powered by HireView – Blackrock

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        Hi all!

        I have been invited by Blackrock to do a “pre-recorded interview” as part of their recruitment process.

        I was wondering if any of you had done this before and could tell me what kind of questions I should be expecting.

        Thank you for your help and happy Thanksgiving!

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          Hi @CFAdudeguy, welcome!

          A pre-recorded interview is similar to leaving a series of voice messages, in video format, answering pre-determined questions.

          Before the interview:

          1. Make sure your internet connection is steady. 
          2. Wear a suit, just like if you were doing a face-to-face interview.
          3. Check that you don’t have anything embarrassing in your background.

          During the interview:

          1. You’ll be presented with questions and have about 1-2 mins to read and think about it.
          2. You then click ‘record’ (or it will start automatically after a preset time).
          3. Give your answer and click done (or something equivalent).


          1. Try and keep your answers short and succinct, maybe about 30-60 seconds. Long answers may not get viewed to the end.
          2. You may not be able to re-record answers, so if you mess something up, just continue the best you can (again, just like a face-to-face interview).
          3. Have some short notes in front of you as prep, but make sure they are short enough that you have time to refer to them during the interview.
          4. Questions should be basic HR questions.
          5. Practice beforehand with basic questions, with your webcam.

          Good luck!

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            How did the interview go @CFAdudeguy? Would appreciate any lessons learned, I have a similar interview coming up.

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