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Non Standard Career Path Into Asset Management

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        Hey all, just looking to cage some expectations as I progress through the CFA program. Business managment degree from a top 20 undergrad. Now serving in the military as an officer. I am pursuing knocking out the CFA during my last 4 years of mandatory service.

        What is the most realistic job I could be applying for in 4 years, assuming I pass all 3 levels (big IF I know…). Seems it would be a bit out of the ordinary to be 5+ years removed from undergrad, passed all 3 levels of CFA, but no legitimate finance experience.

        Im just looking to get a rough idea of potential landing spots with job role, salary etc.


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          Completing the CFA in 4 years while working full-time is ambitious but doable with proper planning and commitment. Expect to put in many extra hours of studying.

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