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Mtech (Env Engg.) to ESG?

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      hey, hi
      This is Prabhu. I have done my post-graduation (2018-2020) from NIT-K in Environmental Engineering discipline (Major in Chemical engineering). I am always motivated to work in an environmental-related field. Now, I want to establish my career in ESG – as it helps in making the right decisions in investment (critical step where we need best decisions) and thus helps us to move towards sustainability

      I would like to know a few things from you guys;

      clearing CFA level-1 could enhance my chances to get a job in ESG? or else is there any other skill that I needed to develop. hope to hear soon from you.
      (i have already completed a course on Fundamental Analysis in Varsity( Zerodha)

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      If you want to break into ESG, you should consider the ESG certificate.

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      thanks for your reply Zee Tan.

      i would like to know who has already taken this CFA-ESG; and their thoughts. let me know if i can contact someone in this ESG field.

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