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Internships and Future plans for career in finance

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      The reason for this discussion thread is to start a dialogue regarding the opportunities that I should look forward from now to have a full-time career in finance arena.

      I am on H4 (dependant) visa and preparing for CFA and I have no prior work experience in finance field but i have completed Bachelors of Business Management back in India. In order to be a chartered holder, 4 year of relevant work experience is required, so I would like to hear some suggestions from you about how to plan up for obtaining the full-time job.

      1. Should I look for any Internships after Level 1 ?, will that help to get a job in the future?.
      2. Or, should I wait for Level 2 to be completed in June and then apply for interships/jobs ?
      3. Have any of you crossed the same path?, CFA aspirants, staying in US under H4 (not allowed to work) and facing the diffuculty in obtaining a internship/job where employer would sponsor a H1 Visa (work visa).

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        1. Definitely. CFA doesn’t get you a job, looking for a job gets you a job. Internships are a great way to start.
        2. No, I’d definitely start looking ASAP.
        3. No US experience I’m afraid. If your H4 doesn’t allow you to work, you can (1) as you say find an employer willing to sponsor a visa, but will be extremely difficult to do for an internship, or (2) get less ‘official’ internships. Interning in sites such as Wall Street Oasis (or here) could also help. Although not a strict finance internship, this may help your network. (3) See if you can apply for a different visa on your own.

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