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finance companies’ typical hiring cycle?

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        hi guys, now that cfa exams are over, i am spending some free time exploring/searching for jobs that interests me. i’m contented in my role in financial reporting for a blue chip firm, but wanted to explore something a little more fast paced – e.g. strategy/finance roles in tech, asset management or banking. 

        does anyone in the community work in these sectors, or have experience switching to them from a different sector? for asset mgmt and banking, is there a typical hiring cycle (i.e. optimal application times) for experienced hires (2-3 years)? i’m all ears for advice and it seems daunting to switch sometimes…

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        I’m not a recruiter per se @rahul12, but recall that Jan especially is a good time for experienced hires (after the holidays / new year etc), whilst September intake is common for fresh grads (but recruited earlier in Jan-June interviews) as I remember. Basically the big holiday season (summer time Jun-Aug) and towards end of year (December) tend to be quieter on the recruitment front. 

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