Careers Do you invest your own assets?

Do you invest your own assets?

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      Was just wondering if people put their own savings under their own management. If so, what % of your assets are self-managed, and what strategies do you use?

      I’m not currently actively managing, but looking to get into the game.

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      I started managing my investments right at the start. I did a lot of active management in the early days, but I stopped for two reasons:

      Didn’t have time to actually perform the research necessary to make sound investment decisionsI found managing my own money a lot more stressful than my day job!

      I’m mostly passive these days, but I do the odd bit of stock-picking to keep sharp and because it’s fun.

      I also bought bitcoin really early, invested like $50, it’s now a few thousand, so I’m a happy camper.

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      I do – about 30% of my assets. A significant portion of my comp is equity, so I mostly invest in emerging markets for diversification. I don’t really follow a strict investment policy, although maybe that should change!

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      I have an approach that I adopted from a previous job, looking for potential targets for acquisition. Worked alright for me so far, just about beating the market, although past performance is not an indicator of future performance! 😁

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      Feeling ashamed! I already felt overwhelmed with work, and just split my investments into 3-7 passive funds and left it. Less stressful in the long run 😅

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