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CFA for a prop/daytrader

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        Hello all,

        I worked as a proprietary trader for 6 years and then traded my own capital for past 9 years. I’m 40 and would like security and less stress of a salary based job if I can get one. I’ve been very unsuccessful so far. My resume screams of a daytrader, I’ve vast experience in trading but I’m only a bachelor’s in finance. MBA at my age is not money/time well spent plus recruiters wont give much attention to a recently graduated 40+ MBA IMO. My question is instead of an MBA would a CFA charter pair well with my experience and will it enhance my resume enough in front of a recruiter to land me a job where I can utilize my past and newly acquired skill set? Or is it just not worth it at this stage in my career and big waste of time? I’m totally aware of the commitment, time and immense effort it takes to pass all three exams.
        I appreciate all feedback and suggestions.

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          Before I suggest anything I would like to share that I am just 21 and a level 2 candidate and have been working for roughly 6 months. So I’m way junior and just another kid.

          But what I believe is that your years long experience adds enough value to an employer to consider you for a job, but if you earn the CFA charter, it will definitely show another level of dedication towards work from your end. Also MAINLY, the amount of knowledge that you will gain is worth on its own and it can easily win your more jobs than otherwise. Its one hell of an experience that will enhance your understanding of the global financial system.

          I would surely suggest you to enroute this tough journey.

          So, primary reason I suggest – Knowledge, secondary reason I suggest – proof of dedication 

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          Several of my trader friends went into corporate treasury after hanging up their trading shoes. Probably no need for CFA in that case. But you never know, might be a useful thing to have.

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