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Career Gap – How to handle it?

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      Hello friends,
      I’m currently in my late 40s, doing CFA (L2 exam pending on May’24). I have a career gap of 12 years (for first 3 years I took a break due to some personal reasons, and then I couldn’t land a job as I was unable to shift away from my city as I had to look after my parents, both of whom were seriously ill at that time, and then Covid period started). In the meantime, during this huge break, I continuously upgraded myself by doing multiple courses in finance before finally joining the CFA and passed Level 1 in the last May. Now I seriously want to join the workforce after completing my L2 exam.
      Now, my issue is how can I bridge this gap in my career? Any advice regarding this, and how to constructively handle it, will be of big help to me. I really want to join the work force as a Finance professional. Earlier, I had worked for 10 years, in the IT field as a Corporate Trainer, which I think will be of no help to me in my current venture. What exactly should I do? Please help, anyone.

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