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Career change with Engineering PhD and CFA

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        Hi All,

        I am a researcher in computational engineering sciences with a Phd in Engineering working in Academia?
        Due to a strong passion for financial markets/investing, I have recently registered for CFA Level 1 in december. I am highly interested in Asset Management/Equity research areas. My long term goal is to continue investing for my own portfolio and if I am any better to manage OPM. I am trying to understand how difficult it will be to make a career switch with my background and what I need to do to increase my chances with my current background (PhD in Engineering + extensive research backgound in diverse industrial applications).

        1) Will CFA Level 1 and/or 2 + networking gain me entry into AM/ER. Will adding online business MOOC from wharton-etc help? (I am already doing some of these for knowledge)?

        2) Online MS-Finance options (costs around ~30K) in parallel to CFA level 1/2 (looking at Creighton, Auburn, Southern Newhampshire, Indiana-MSF programs)

        3) Since I am working in academia, I have an option to do MBA with tution reimbursed(will take 2 yrs). However the university I work in has no ranking and unknown anywhere (but AACSB) accredited).

        If option 1 can work that will be great, but if not, I will highly appreciate any valuable comments, suggestions, and advice from all the CFA charterholders and/or any others who have successfully changed careers.


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        CFA is definitely useful for AM and equity research. However would be a good idea to aggressively network and look for roles concurrently…

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