Career Discussions 30y & adhd – CFA to switch into investment

30y & adhd – CFA to switch into investment

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        Hi I have a question about my somehow special case.
        I’m 30 years old and I have a BSc in a mix-up studies in between Economics and IT (Wirtschaftsinformatik in German). 6 year work experiance in requirement engineering, project management and team leader.
        I was diagnosed with adhd 3 years (so way after my studies) ago and got my medication right since 2 years. I am now able to use my full potential and realized I reached a whole new level.
        I am now feeling ready to sustain in finance and would love to work as investment analyst. This brings me to my 3 questions:
        1. Is it too late to switch into such position from where i am now?
        2. Will CFA be the right step for me to find a investment analyst position? I also considering an MBA but I try to evaluate my chances to shortcut
        3. Will the missing medication on adhd be accepted as a reason for my path and my partly average grades? Or am I death before recruitment even heared/read about this?

        Thank you for sharing your honest opinion on this.

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          1. No. Lots of people I know are still switching careers at around that age. However, if you play it right you could possibly do it without starting at the bottom again, although I’m not sure how flexible they are in Germany in this respect – I’ve heard they can be quite rigid.
          2. CFA for investment analyst definitely makes sense, but I think it would be a career-development tool rather than a get-a-job tool in your case.
          3. I’m not sure if your resume would get you dinged before your interview, but no, lack of ADHD treatment would not really be a quantifiable factor to discount your history. Sorry. What would they assume your grades would be otherwise?

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