CAIA Online Proctored Exams vs Test Centers – which one is better?


Online Proctored Exams vs Test Centers – which one is better?

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      So as I understand it, CAIA offers both remote exams and test centers. Just have a few questions on that, hope you can help with this!

      • Is both exam methods an option to everyone, or just certain regions?
      • Is there general agreement as to which is a better exam method?
      • Are there any differences to, say, speed of results being released?


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        Remote exams, or online proctored exams, may sound clearly advantageous, but you should consider its drawback as well before you make a decision.

        Online Proctored Exams Advantages

        • A lot less likely to be cancelled due to Covid
        • No travel or accommodation issues
        • Take your exams in a familiar setting

        Online Proctored Exams Disadvantages

        • Requires your own equipment to meet defined technical specifications: you need to check that this will not be an issue before you agree to online proctoring!
        • Technical problems when setting up your exam: Issues with software installation, internet issues can commonly occur.
        • Private setting needed: If you get disturbed at any point during the exam you will be disqualified. For example, if you live in a noisy crowded household, this may not be suitable.
        • You have to prepare your own room: Overall, there is a mental load on your to prepare your exam room, rather than just show up and everything’s prepared for you.
        • No toilet breaks during exam: With online proctored exams, you’re allowed a toilet break only between papers, not during.
        • Digital whiteboard only: For scratch paper, with online proctoring you’re only allowed the online digital whiteboard provided by the proctor, which may not be easy to use. With test centers, usually a whiteboard and pen are provided.

        Overall, my opinion is that the main advantage remote proctoring has over test centers is Covid-friendliness. If that’s not a factor I would say test centers are the clear choice.

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        Thanks – you make some very good points and it does look like it might be easier to use test centers.

        Is there a difference in the timing of results being released?

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          There are no differences to CAIA exam results speed whether it’s online proctored or not. They both go through the same grading process.

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