CAIA New curriculum on Wiley

New curriculum on Wiley

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        I’m very interested in taking CAIA L2 after completing my CFA program but confused about its study material. Thanks in advance for anyone who took 2022 exam and has the insight.

        300 hour provides the list of prep providers for CAIA, e.g. Kaplan, Wiley etc. But, as of September 2022, I found that Wiley Efficient Learning no more provides so called “prep course”. Only official curriculum and their test bank are found on their web site.

        I know how Kaplan shows up based on my experience in CFA program and may choose it for CAIA again. But I wonder if Wiley at this time might be an option because its curriculum+test bank combination costs much less.

        Here, my questions:

        1.  Wiley does not provide the proprietary prep course any more, do they? (only test bank for review)
        2. What do you think about the official curriculum experience by Wiley?
        3. Which do you recommend: official curriculum vs other materials? (For CFA, I picked up the latter for all three levels)

        Though I’m still waiting for August 2022 CFA L3 result, it’s good to prepare as much as possible for rocket start.

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