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Psst! Want a free, live revision course to help you really prepare for your CFA exams?

In the month leading up to the exam, hopefully you’ll be in revision mode, getting ready for the final day. Signing up for a CFA revision course is a great way to ensure you’ve got all areas adequately covered. And today we have 10 places in BPP’s May Revision Course to give away to our readers, so make sure you enter now! 

BPP – a CFA live classroom specialist

BPP is one of the leading CFA prep providers today, specialising in live online classes. They’ve been in the game for quite a bit, with more 15 years of experience in CFA training. BPP’s training style centers around the CFA Institute curriculum. In addition to live classes, they also produce a wide variety of study tools including question banks, practice exams, pass cards and revision notes to help candidates study, revise and practice.

BPP also offers a guarantee for all their CFA candidates attending their courses called Pass Assurance. This means that if you attend a Classroom or Online taught and revision course, you will be able to attend the same course again for free if you end up failing your CFA exam, so you are guaranteed to only incur the cost of one course.

So if you’re attending one of their CFA courses, you’re in pretty good hands!

What is the Revision Course like?

Their revision course is designed to complement your CFA revision in the month leading up to the exam. Candidates in their revision course get access to useful materials, including:

  • A curated summary of revision material taught in the course
  • Regular access to tutor support via email
  • Daily questions to ensure constant practice

The course itself is conducted either in person, or online (called Online Classroom Live). The Online Classroom Live program are live, online sessions with a tutor, where you can ask questions and get tested on your knowledge in real time – just like a live classroom. If you’re unable to attend a particular class, you’ll be able to catch up later as each session is also recorded. 

I particularly like the fact that you can ask questions via chat, and even discuss with your coursemates, using the chatbox in the right side of the screenshot below:


The Online Revision Course is taught over 4 half-days, covering:

Session 1: Quantitative Methods, Economics
Session 2: Ethics, Financial Reporting Analysis
Session 3: Corporate Finance, Asset Valuation – Equity
Session 4: Asset Valuation Fixed Income, Derivatives, Portfolio Management

The face-to-face course covers it over 3 days:

Level I Level II Level III
Day 1 Quants, Ethics, Economics FRA, Portfolio Mgmt, Economics Study Sessions 1-7
Day 2 FRA, Corporate Finance Equity, Alternatives, Quants Study Sessions 8-13
Day 3 Asset Valuation, Portfolio Management Derivatives, Corporate Finance, Ethics Study Sessions 14-18
The Revision Courses starts in early May and occurs once a week, so it should fall neatly into your revision schedule. The exact dates, times and prices for the 2015 course are as below:

Dates and times

Level I Revision Course prices

  • Online Classroom Live £240 (about $354)
  • Classroom Live £552 (about $815)

Level II Revision Course

  • Online Classroom Live £276 (about $409)
  • Classroom Live £636 (about $934)

Level III Revision Course prices

  • Classroom Live £660

It’s a pretty strong revision program: if you’re looking for some extra guidance in your revision phase you should definitely check it out. If you’d like to guarantee yourself a place in their Revision Course, you can also book your place here.

Win a place in BPP’s Online Classroom Live Revision Course by entering into our giveaway

BPP has kindly given us 10 places in their Revision Courses in Levels I and II to give away to our readers. It’s the online interactive course, so you can enter no matter where in the world you are.

Entry is free: to enter into our giveaway, simply fill out this form. Act quick, places are limited!

Please ensure all your entered details are correct, so that we can contact you if you’ve won. We’ll notify the winners on the 24th of April, and BPP will be in touch with your course details soon after. Good luck!
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