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By Christine

We’ve written extensively about CFA prep and prep providers to try and help readers choose the right providers for their CFA prep. But crucially, we want to make sure we get everyone’s experience and opinions.

That’s why we’re working to get reviews and ratings for all CFA providers. From you. If you’ve studied for any level of the CFA exam, we want your opinion!

​And as a thank you, we’ll be giving away CFA goodies to every reviewer!

Your Ratings and Reviews Help Future Candidates

We were all CFA candidates once. That’s why we started 300 Hours to help future candidates prepare better for the CFA exams. And by submitting your ratings and reviews, you’ll be helping future CFA candidates make a little more sense of the process.

You can start rating and reviewing CFA providers by completing the form below – it only takes a few minutes to complete. Thanks!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


2 thoughts on “Get Proctor Pro for Free by Reviewing Your CFA Prep Provider”

  1. Bloomberg prep is very disappointing, the exams are so full of errors, i find between 8 and 12 mistakes on every exam, its extremely frustrating. There is also no easy way to submit these mistakes and give feedback. The platform is also very slow. I used the CFA textbook for the most part of my prep after finishing 100% of bloomberg. I am getting 86/93% on the 6 CFA and Kaplan exams i did which i found very difficult, and i averaged 74% on the 6 bloomberg exams not because they are hard, but because of all the poorly written questions and the mistakes. I have to guess 40 questions per exam because its unclear what they are asking for.


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