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About Wiley Efficient Learning CFA

Wiley’s CFA program started as Elan Guides in 2009 under Basit Shajani, where it quickly grew to be associated with quality materials at value-for-money prices. Although well-reviewed and doing well, the fledgling company needed more support and firepower to expand its offering to a complete three-level CFA product. It was at this point that their success caught the eye of mega-publisher John Wiley & Sons.

John Wiley & Sons acquired Elan Guides in January 2014, rebranding it as Wiley Efficient Learning and rapidly expanding their offering to the current three-level CFA suite. Shajani continues to be strongly involved through his current position as Editor-in-Chief for CFA Prep Materials.

One of many other CFA prep providers

Wiley Efficient Learning is just one of many established CFA prep providers that CFA candidates choose. Here are some recommended partner providers that we have reviewed and recommend:

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CFA Packages and Offers

Wiley CFA Packages and Offers

Wiley’s CFA study packages

Wiley has a three-tiered study package offering:

Wiley CFA Platinum Course Package

Platinum Course

  • Everything in the Gold and Self Study Courses, plus…
  • 11th Hour Final Review Mock Exam
  • 11th Hour Final Review Course & Mock Exam Seminar
  • 11th Hour Review Study Guide
Wiley CFA Gold Course Package

Gold Course

  • Everything in the Self Study Course, plus…
  • 14-17 weeks live online virtual classes
  • 90+ hours video lectures
  • Professional online mentoring
Wiley CFA Self Study Course Package

Self Study Course

  • 30-45 minute bite-sized lessons
  • Print/ebook study guide
  • Course outlines
  • 1,000s of exam-style practice questions
  • Dashboard & performance metrics
  • 90+ pages of formula sheets
  • Downloadable, print-friendly flashcards
  • 2 full-length mock exams
  • Wiley mobile app
  • Exam planner & study schedule
  • Pass guarantee

Wiley’s current CFA offers and deals

We don’t have any CFA offers for Wiley at the moment, but we do have offers from other CFA providers. Here are a few – you can view the full list at our Offers page.

Prepatorial Logo $30 off mock
Mock exam for less than $20
For less than $20, get a high-quality, challenging & realistic CFA mock exam. Full detailed answers, SurePass guarantee.
90 Days Free Access Free Trial
90 Days Free Access
Know When You’re Ready to Take the CFA Exam!

- 2,000+ Questions & Explanations
- Customizable Exams
- ReadyDecks with Pre-filled Flashcards
- Mock Exams w/Prometrics Interface
Free CFA Level 1 Video Demo Free Demo
Free CFA Level 1 Video Demo
Bionic Turtle
Acquire expert financial knowledge with Bionic Turtle - now including a new CFA prep program for the Level I CFA® Exam. Focus on question practice and review. Eliminate knowledge gaps. Be test ready!
300Hours finance certifications hub Free CFA Guides
3H Guides to CFA Exams
Are you a CFA candidate? Our ultimate CFA guides will help you best prepare for the challenging exams.

Yes, they are all free! Get them now.
Kaplan Schweser Logo 20% off
20% Off FRM® Exam Premium Study Packages
Kaplan Schweser
Save 20% on Premium Study Packages as you prepare for the November and December FRM® Exams. We help you gain the confidence to pass with expert online instruction and high-quality practice questions.
93 Hours of FRM Video Lessons Free Trial
93 Hours of FRM Video Lessons
Study Materials for FRM Part I & II

- Video lessons by James Forjan, PhD
- Study notes covering each chapter
- Question bank of over 4000 practice questions
- Mock exams to be test ready!

Wiley CFA does offer discounts to some specific CFA candidates:

  • Re-sit discount: If you’ve previously failed with another provider, you can get 50% off any Wiley CFA course. To claim the discount, just contact Wiley with proof of your CFA exam result and proof of payment to your previous provider.
  • Student discount: 20% student discount to faculty, actively enrolled full-time and part-time college or university students, or those graduated within 90 days of their order. Apply during checkout, but proof will be needed.
  • 2-week free trial: During your trial, you will get access to sample 20% of content and features including video lectures, online lessons, question bank and mobile app access.
All CFA Product Details

Wiley CFA Product Details

Study and Review Materials

Wiley CFA Study and Review Materials

Study Guide: Five volumes of concise notes

  • Available in five printed volumes or as an ebook, this is Wiley’s study notes on the CFA curriculum.
  • The Wiley Study Guide goes through all the fundamentals, concepts and Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) needed to pass each CFA exam level, so you can use this as your primary source to learn the CFA curriculum.
  • The format, summaries and reference systems make it more easily digestible than the official CFA curriculum – it’s a significant advantage because it allows you to finish your studies sooner and keep you fresh for your practice exams.

Review Notes: 11th Hour Review Guide

  • The 11th Hour Review is Wiley’s one-book final review guide to each CFA exam level, condensing all readings and key formulae to help ‘top up’ your knowledge as you work through your mock exams.
  • As this is just one book, it’s handy to bring around in the final month and on the actual CFA exam day, if you’re keen on doing some last minute reviewing before the morning and afternoon exams.

If you’re looking for CFA exam materials, here are our top recommended providers →

Live, Online and Video Lessons

Wiley CFA Live Online and Video Lessons

Live online classes

  • Live Online Virtual Classes is the latest addition to the Wiley CFA product range. It’s a set of 16 weekly instructor-led classes lasting about two to three hours and consists of a lecture, worked problems, and a Q&A session.
  • The class is also recorded so you can catch up on it later if you can’t attend the live ones.

Topic-based video lectures

  • You can also work through the entire curriculum through Wiley’s Video Lectures, going through all fundamentals and concepts needed to pass each level.
  • 50-100 hours of video per level are included. In ‘bite-sized’ lessons spanning 30-45 minutes each, instructors explain the concepts, work through examples, and work in exam tips along the way.

Online mentoring

  • Wiley also offers something called Online Mentoring, which is basically online CFA instructor support.
  • If you need something clarified or a question worked through, post it up and you’ll get a response in 24 hours or less.

11th Hour Final Review course

  • Wiley’s 11th Hour Final Review Course is their knowledge-booster course, meant to be taken closer to the actual CFA exam day. Unlike Schweser’s review courses which are scheduled at certain dates, you can take Wiley’s review courses at any time, as the material is already prepared. It consists of:
    • 40 hours of review-focused video lectures
    • A full-length mock exam and seminar
    • The 11th Hour Review Study Guide (which we went through in a previous section above)
    • Formula sheets (downloadable and printable PDFs)

CFA providers with best-rated classes and courses

The quality of CFA instruction can vary a lot. In our candidate ratings, we’ve rated top CFA exam providers specifically by the quality of their CFA classes. You can check out their individual reviews and ratings here:

Kaplan Schweser CFA: Detailed Reviews, Study Packages & Discounts 4
Salt Solutions CFA: Detailed Reviews, Products & Discounts 5
Bloomberg CFA Prep: Detailed Reviews, Products & Discounts 6

Practice Questions and Mock Exams

Wiley CFA Question Bank and Mocks

Mock Exams: Up to 3 mock exams available per CFA level

  • Wiley offers two mock exams for each of their study packages, and an additional 11th Hour mock exam if you purchase the 11th Hour Final Review or Platinum Packages. This means that you can get a maximum of three Wiley mock exams.
  • For the serious candidate, we think that you should supplement this with additional mock exams – we recommend that candidates complete four or more practice exams for each level. Don’t forget that you also will have additional practice questions and mocks from the CFA Institute, which you should definitely complete.

Question Banks: Thousands of practice questions

  • The Wiley Test Bank has thousands of questions – 4,000+ questions for Level 1 and 1,200+ questions for Level 2 and includes answers and explanations for each. Wiley’s Level 3 test bank has 75 constructed response questions.
  • It also includes a quiz planner that allows you to create customised exams and filter by topic.
  • The Test Bank is accessed online, so you’ll need a laptop and internet to practice.

If you’re looking for CFA practice questions, here are our top recommended providers →

Online Platform and Apps

Wiley CFA Online Platform and Mobile App

Adaptive planner

  • Wiley’s adaptive planner helps you schedule your CFA studies, helps you stay on time, and is flexible enough to accommodate if your commitments or schedule changes.

Performance dashboard

  • A significant advantage of online exams and online prep material is that your performance can be automatically calculated, summarised and compared. Wiley’s Dashboard and Performance Metrics helps you evaluate your performance, and highlights problem areas where you should focus more attention.

Mobile App

Wiley’s mobile app, available through iOS or Android, is included with all study packages. The mobile app includes:

  • 90+ hours of video lectures available to stream or download (50+hours for Level 3)
  • Thousands of CFA practice questions per level with detailed answers

CFA providers with the best-rated online platforms and apps

Depending on tech implementation, CFA online learning platforms and apps can range from smooth-sailing to utter crap. Most CFA providers with online-centric platforms offer a trial so you can see whether it suits you. If mobile app support is important to you, make sure you check out a provider’s app rating before purchasing.

Here are some of our recommended partner providers – you can check out their specific ratings for online platforms and mobile apps:

Bloomberg CFA Prep: Detailed Reviews, Products & Discounts 7
Salt Solutions CFA: Detailed Reviews, Products & Discounts 8
Kaplan Schweser CFA: Detailed Reviews, Study Packages & Discounts 9

Other Features: Flashcards, Formula Sheets, Pass Guarantees

Wiley CFA Formula Sheets

Formula Sheets

  • For every CFA level, Wiley includes formula sheets: 60+ pages of key mathematical equations and concepts tested on the CFA exam.
  • The formula sheets are available as a downloadable and printable PDF.


  • Wiley’s flashcard product allows you to build your own deck from a bank of about 800-1,100 flashcards. It’s an online-only product though, so no printing out for old-school revision.
  • You can also flag flashcards to come back to them later, and view your revision history to see if you’re covering your topics properly.

Pass Guarantee

  • Wiley’s Pass Guarantee is simple – you can keep access to your course and repeat as needed until you pass, no questions asked.

Looking for more? Here are our top recommended providers →

CFA Reviews and Ratings

Wiley CFA Reviews and Ratings

Review Filters

★★★☆☆ Good
Jtee • Level 1

Website is clunky and pages take an age to load. One of the video instructors reads from the study materials verbatim and the sound quality is weak at best. The second presenter does a much better job. Some of the materials skip over some of the topics and don’t give enough explanation. Most annoyingly, I am convinced some of the answers to test bank questions are wrong, however the responses to the query submissions is painfully slow and cannot be relied upon.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Nicolas • Level 1

I believe that Wiley’s material is very good at summarizing the CFA content.

However, I find a lack of explanation in significant parts of the reasoning behind the practical problems and calculations.

I find the material more focused on laying out the content, how to work the problems and solve them than in actually explaining why or how to come to the conclusions.

I often find myself trying to understand better the reason why to avoid just focusing on memorizing. It is always easier to remember the things you understand or you can work out the logic behind it than to just learn by hard.

For the price of the course with the books, I believe that the online study guide should include more video content supporting the lessons and explaining further to help understand the content reducing the need for memorizing which is always more time consuming.

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★★☆☆☆ Fair
Obadiah Probin • Level 1

The notes left out quite a few important concepts, and the practice questions/tests were way easier than the actual exam questions. Had to switch to CFA Institute official learning ecosystem in the last month before the exam.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Alexio Mc Gorley • Level 1

What I love most about Wiley is its Study Guide. It’s comprehensive enough to cover the core concepts but not dwell on trivial pursuit. Virtual Classes and Pre-recorded Videos were immensely helpful.
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★★★★☆ Good for L1
Tonia Jakoub • Level 1

Wiley was a great provider for Level 1 – I got a student discount, and the materials received were thoughtfully laid out and structured. Compare the material side-by-side with CFA Institute curriculum and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Test bank works well to help your answering speed. Mocks are fine, but could be better edited to follow real exam. I found the difficulty level tougher than the real exam, which is great for practice but bad for self-confidence!

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★★★★☆ Great instructors and notes, bad platform
Chadd Cathrall • Level 2

THE GOOD: Instructors and notes are top-notch, the summarised mini-notes and tips throughout the material are great. Instructors are easy to follow and engaging. Mocks are fine.

THE BAD: Their e-platform is hard to use – lots of questions have errors in it and overall I found myself struggling with the format more than learning.

OVERALL: Helped me pass. I’d recommend it, but choose your study method carefully.

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★★★★☆ Very Good
Toiboid O’Fergus • Level 2

Very good for the price. I used Kaplan Schweser for Level 1 and for the same price each reading has multiple video lessons which helped a lot. Test bank is not as big as Schweser but is still very good. Online platform is nice, I like the user interface and metrics features but the site can be slow at times.
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★★★☆☆ Good
Bogey Kepe • Level 2

Loved the concept of short bite-sized videos, but some were extremely outdated. The end of section questions and QBank didn’t reflect the vignette style of the Level 2 exam. Only 1 practice exam.
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★★★★☆ highlights the important bits well
marlon • Level 1

Wiley really does a great job highlighting the most important concepts from a course load that is 100 miles wide and 1 inch deep. Their virtual classroom instructor, Professor Darren Degraaf, is a fantastic coach and motivator.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Dur Conws • Level 1

I spent a lot of time trying not to decide which provider to use, and I’m happy with my choice. Balances good material with value-for-money.
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★★★★☆ printer friendly version please!
Rpatty • Level 2

I wish they had a printer friendly version for the study questions. I also reached out to online support to see if I had missed it, but they said they don’t have the print feature.
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★★★★☆ Qbank needs some work – they’re on it
Sean245 • Level 2

A few small tweaks would make a big difference to the Qbank. To their credit they responded to my suggestions and said they were all being implemented the following year.
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★★★☆☆ Good
Emogene Breem • Level 3

Level I and II were totally fine, but the amount of mistakes in the study notes in level III is horrifying and a no-go for anyone who completely relies on the material.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Will-O • Level 2

The explanations are great and the instructors really go the extra mile. I just feel that the lack of “slides” such as those used by Kaplan Schweser are a downside.
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★★★☆☆ Good
gregor • Level 1

Videos were very good but mock exams were not up to standard. Also had some issues with the online platform.
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★☆☆☆☆ Poor
dimon84 • Level 2

Was late with everything, customer support non-existent, out-of-date recycled videos. Nope.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
jkogan • Level 1

They’re good, straight forward, and you get what you pay for (which is comparatively less if you buy at the right time).
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Base Brech • Level 1

The mock exams for this provider were very different than others – in a good way.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
marlon • Level 1

Darren Degraaf is the best motivator and core concept instructor I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Krish • Level 1

Well drafted and crisp notes. Videos are excellent and well explained.
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★★★☆☆ Good
Riyad • Level 1

Video lessons are fantastic. Mock exams are good, but quality of the question bank should improve.
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★★★★☆ Saves time
Radnor80 • Level 1

Helped me cut the CFA study time down by 2/3rds, whilst still covering the major points.
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★★★☆☆ Good
Murizzo • Level 1

Customer service and product are good. Website and technology are terrible.
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★★★☆☆ Good
Murizzo • Level 2

Customer service and product is good. Website and technology is terrible.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Yorgos Dutton • Level 1

I was very happy with Wiley and would recommend them for CFA Level 1.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Bram Cuttler • Level 2

L2 notes are totally fine and I enjoyed learning with Wiley.
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★★★★☆ Good overall
Lester Campany • Level 1

Good videos and books, excellent customer contact, 2 good mock exams. A bit pricey.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Malvin Woollacott • Level 1

In my opinion, Wiley notes are better compared to ones provided by Schweser, since they are cheaper and also tend to cover the curriculum better than the Schweser notes.

Also, Wiley provides a lot of examples in each LOS, thus explaining the concept clearly. If I compare Ethics notes, there are a lot of examples in the Wiley notes as well as some important points are captured which Schweser doesn’t which I realised when I sat for the Level 1 exam.

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★★★★☆ Very Good
Vittorio Kirley • Level 2

Online platform is great, but needs improvement. Hopefully it is better this year.
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