Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

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Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

By Christine

How suited are you to a self-study approach?

Self-studying for the CFA exams may not fit everyone’s ideal way of learning. With structured courses such as classroom-style or virtual classes, candidates can have experienced instructors, ad-hoc explanations on difficult concepts, and a well-time and well-structured set of lessons all contribute to a great result.

We wanted to find out more about classroom and virtual training options for the CFA exams, so we sat down with Victoria Hart of 7city for comprehensive question-and-answer session. And oh, by the way, we also scored a sweet discount for readers, so read on!

The following are the results of our Q&A. Our questions are in bold, and 7city’s answers are directly following each question. The interview write-up turned out to be fairly extensive, so we’ve broken it down into different sections as below!

Details of the 7city discount are at the end of this post.

Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

About 7city

Question: So who are 7city?

Answer: We are a global training company, specializing in financial markets training.  We are part of the Fitch group and operate out of four training centers: New York, London, Dubai and Singapore.  We offer training solutions from graduate level to advanced continuing education.  We help more than 15,000 people a year to achieve career-advancing qualifications. 

Question: Can you describe what study support you offer CFA® candidates?

Answer: We offer a range of classroom and virtual learning courses, towards the CFA® exams, across the globe. Each one is designed to offer the maximum study support needed to get through the exams. Every single one of our delegates has access to our online learning portal, regardless of whether they choose a classroom or virtual learning course.

Our offering encompasses a wealth of study tools, which aim to streamline the study journey, whilst helping delegates to structure their study accordingly. 

We offer a choice of evening, weekend, intensive and daytime programmes. Our exact offering is bespoke to each region to ensure we cater for each specific market need.

Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

Classroom & virtual learning

Question: What do you think are the advantages to a classroom or virtual class, compared to self-study?

Answer: Our training solutions have been built from experience. We know what you need to do in order to pass the exams.

A classroom or virtual classroom program impose a study plan and structure that helps delegates stay focussed and motivated. Our classroom and virtual learning programmes come with everything a delegate needs to remain on track. 

We break down the syllabus and our portal lets you know what you should be studying and when. Its diagnostic capabilities show your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting which subject areas require more focus. Our classes and classroom recordings help contextualise the readings into more manageable sections and you become part of invaluable support network. 

Classroom delegates have their peers to work through tough subject items with as well as the in-class tutor. Both classroom and virtual learners have access to our full time tutor faculty via the global helpdesk meaning they get personal responses to any questions posted by the delegate. 

Hurdle tests test knowledge at key stages throughout the study program and our exam mentors provide guided advice to keep you on track with your studies. Our question bank and practise exams ensure that you can continuously practise CFA style questions in the run up to the exam.

Our courses are sold as a complete solution, giving you everything needed to get through the exams.

Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

How 7city compares

Question: How does 7City’s offering compare to other CFA® prep providers?

Answer: Our offering has some unique features which go over and above the traditional classroom and online learning methods. It is important to look at each aspect of our offering to see how it maximises study time and effectiveness.  

We have been training delegates towards the CFA exams for over 10 years and currently train over 3000 delegates a year. It is this experience which shapes how we evolve our product to ensure it remains at the forefront of CFA training.

  • Online portal: In addition to the tradition classroom teaching methods a key part of our interaction will be through our online portal. Our portal has the diagnostic capabilities to show delegates’ strengths and weaknesses and highlights which subjects require more focus.  It also contains a wealth of CFA study materials – regular hurdle and progress tests, a realistic mock exam, more than 120 hours of class recordings (with access to live webcasts) and thousands of practice questions. Through the portal, our delegates have access to over 20 full time tutors via our online helpdesk. 
  • Global helpdesk: Our portal has a global helpdesk where delegates can ask our expert, full time tutors questions and receive a personal reply. Because of our global presence there is always someone on hand to give a quick response.
  • Formal Mentoring: At incremental stages throughout the program, delegates receive a call from one of our exam mentors to discuss their progress and provide personalised guidance and support. Our advanced progress reporting technology, based on the delegates’ study progress allows us to gain insights on the areas delegates need help with. 
  • The 7c Tablet for the CFA exam: The 7c Tablet for the CFA exam is included in our packages. It gives offline access to the portal and works as a supplementary study tool enabling you to study whenever and wherever you like. Once you enter a wifi area any work completed syncs back into your main online portal.

Question: How do you compare, price-wise, to a prep provider such as Schweser?

Answer: It is difficult to make a direct comparison in price due to the unique elements offered as part of our packages, which are not offered by other providers. However if you look at the other products and packages available from alternative CFA tuition providers, we remain very competitive in price.

Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

Materials & packages

Question: Your study notes are quite bulleted and concise. How does this compare to other prep providers – would our readers get learnings from the full syllabus with your products?

Answer: You are referring to our key point slide packs.  These are not meant to be an alternative to, say, Schweser books.  Schweser books try to replace the official CFA curriculum.  Our philosophy is to support, not replace the official curriculum books.  We recommend that the primary source of study material should be using the official CFA curriculum.  After all, that’s where the actual exam questions are written from.

Our material then support the official readings.  We provide with all our courses:

  • The CFA Exam Companion book, which guides you through all six volumes of the CFA official readings
  • Key point summary slide packs, to give emphasis to the key exam points in the syllabus and lots of practical examples to ensure application
  • Online Recordings, covering all Readings
  • Final Countdown revision aid
  • Review course slide pack
  • Comprehensive Question Bank

Essentially, everything you need to pass the exam, complementing the CFA Institute official curriculum books that everyone receives.

Question: What packages have candidates found most useful for passing their CFA® exams?

Answer: In our opinion our full tuition courses and materials give delegates everything they need to get through the exam and this is supported by being our best selling product. However, we recognise there are many different studying techniques and some individuals will not require the same level of material and guidance, hence the provision of ‘lighter’ study package options. 

The self study packages in some regions is sold as a ‘study tool’ and will suit any individual who is looking to supplement their own comprehensive study plan. It would not be suitable for a delegate who needs the support and guidance normally required to get through the amount of material required for the CFA. 

Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

Our readers’ reviews

We’ve also reached out to 300 Hours readers and being the awesome people they are, they’ve also provided some reviews if you’re considering 7city.
“They are really good and attentive, very quick to resolve problems with anything like the online portal. The online instruction is really detailed but laid out in simple terms and the staff are very friendly.”

“I chose 7city at the recommendation of a friend.  I was really pleased with their service and actually signed up with them for Level II. 

Their approach to studying is much more personal and interactive than other providers.  My weekly class had 30 to 40 students in it.  My instructor, Richie Owens was available through email all the time.  If you had trouble with a question he or one of the other global teachers were there to respond to a help question within a couple of hours.  

They are definitely the most techy of the providers that I have seen.  They have an online interactive portal where they have thousands of questions and practice tests.  They have video recordings of all the lessons.  They also sell a tablet that comes preloaded eith the tablet and all of the material.  You can use it without internet and them sync it once you have an internet connection.  I know I sound a bit stat struck, but they did a great job.  My teacher was great and the support staff was definitely there.  

I studied a lot for this exam, but 7city definitely played huge role in my success.”

“I Just used their 2 day weekend ‘cram’ course in Toronto. It was a good way to force me to do a couple questions and get some insight catered specifically to any questions/problems I had. I also used it as a guide to gauge where I was relative to other candidates as I had been studying completely independently until this weekend course.

Found the instructor very knowledgeable/helpful as well as involving. I have no really relative basis to compare it to, but for what I had planned it was a bit slower moving than expected but all in all essentially what I was hoping for.”

“I basically only used the 7city notes in my level 1 prep, and hence relied heavily on them knowing what to focus on for the exam. It proved a successful strategy, although I had moment on the exam where I had no idea what the answer was. Still, I thought both the 7city course and notes were great – the question sets perhaps a bit less so (often easier to guess the answer than at the exam). Teachers also very dedicated and entertaining to listen to.”

Tired of Self-Studying? Try Classroom & Virtual Learning with our 7city Offer

300 Hours 7city Discount

Question: I understand that you have a special offer for our readers?

Answer: Yes we do! We’re happy to offer a 10% discount on all 7city course options worldwide. Depending on your package this means your readers would be saving hundreds of dollars. 

To get the discount, quote the discount code ‘300hours’ at checkout.

Hope this answers the majority of questions you have about 7city and their effectiveness as a CFA prep provider, but if you have any further questions, do let us know in the comments below, and we will follow up with 7city to make sure you get a good response!

Have you got a question to ask 7city, or have you used 7city before? Let us know in the comments below!

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