Four Great CFA Offers for A Right Start to Your New Year

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By Mike

Happy New Year, readers!

As we emerge from the hazy stupor from our end-of-year celebrations, an ease into the new year seemed like a good idea. Here are four of the most useful CFA offers that will enable you to get the best start to 2015: by saving you money, and helping you pass!

Here they are, (roughly) ordered by the amount it saves you. Act quick, as these offers could go at any time!

1. 10% off all Fitch Learning courses
Discount code 300HOURS

Fitch Learning is one of the best in the business for CFA live classes. Live classes don’t come cheap, however, so a 10% discount goes a long way! When booking online or over the phone, just use the discount code 300HOURS to get 10% off your fee, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

2. 10% off Wiley’s Elan Guides materials
Discount code 30010146

Elan has made a name for themselves as a great value-for-money materials provider, and our 10% discount makes their materials even more worth it. Just use the discount code 30010146 when placing your order online and the discount will be applied automatically.

3. 50% off 300 Hours Exam Insights
Discount code NEWYEAR2015

For a limited time, you can also get 50% off our Exam Insights, which is our unique CFA exam guide to all 3 CFA levels. Just use this link, or apply discount code NEWYEAR2015 when getting your book. You can learn more about how our guide helps increase your chances of passing here.

4. Free BPP Starter Pack

BPP has put together a great starter pack for CFA candidates. It’s got a great set of introductory & sample materials – particular callouts are the Essential Formulae, Calculator Guide, Learning Styles Questionnaire and DCF guide. Best thing is, it’s free – more details and download link here

Here’s to starting the new year strong, and to you saving money on your CFA materials!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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