BPP Online Revision Classes: A Welcome Boost to Late-Stage CFA Prep

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By Zee

If you’re new to CFA classes, it’s worth trying them out.

BPP is one of the leading CFA prep providers today, specialising in live online classes. They’ve been in the game for quite a bit, with more 15 years of experience in CFA training. BPP’s training style centers around the CFA Institute curriculum. In addition to live classes, they also produce a wide variety of study tools including question banks, practice exams, pass cards and revision notes to help candidates study, revise and practice.

I’ve always been a self-study kind of person. But seeing the feedback from our readers who got free places through our giveaway, I think that a revision course can strongly help boost your effectiveness. Read on to see why!

What is the BPP Online Revision Course?

BPP’s Online Revision Course is designed to complement your CFA revision in the month leading up to the exam. Candidates in their revision course get access to useful materials, including:

  • A curated summary of revision material taught in the course
  • Regular access to tutor support via email
  • Daily questions to ensure constant practice

The course itself is conducted either in person, or online (called Online Classroom Live). The Online Classroom Live program are live online sessions with a tutor, where you can ask questions and get tested on your knowledge in real time – just like a live classroom. If you’re unable to attend a particular class, you’ll be able to catch up later as each session is also recorded. 

You can ask questions via chat, and even discuss with your coursemates, using the chatbox in the right side of the screenshot below:


The Online Revision Course is taught over 4 half-days, covering:

Session 1: Quantitative Methods, Economics
Session 2: Ethics, Financial Reporting Analysis
Session 3: Corporate Finance, Asset Valuation – Equity
Session 4: Asset Valuation Fixed Income, Derivatives, Portfolio Management

Advantages of a revision course

Saves time, improves effectiveness

In the late stages of CFA preparation, you should be looking to for a shot in the arm – something to summarily cover all topics, as well as highlight any important areas that you’ll need to pay special attention to.

A revision course will help you do this. And as the course is taught over just 4 half-days, you save on your most important commodity – time. A self-study intensive revision session is likely to take more than 4 half-days, leaving you free to attempt more practice sessions or further intensify your revision.

Additionally, as the revision course is guided by an experienced tutor, you won’t have to worry about possibly missing a topic or underweighting a particularly important topic.

Engaging and interactive

The sessions are surprisingly engaging and interactive. 

Unlike more passive formats like video lectures, you can ask tutor questions and clarifications during the session, which the tutor will answer in real-time. There is also polls that the tutor can use to ask the class about a particular concept, allowing participation from everyone. 

The tools provided keeps the level of engagement and interactivity pretty high, ensuring your attention level doesn’t drop.

Clarifies your revision

As you work through your CFA topics, there are bound to be areas where either you simply can’t work out what the deal is behind the topic and explanations, or it would simply take ages. This is where a revision course also comes in handy. Not only can you ask your tutor questions and get them answered, but the tutor might be able to walk you through a detailed example as well. 

Any further questions can be followed up via email, so you know you’ll get all your hazy areas cleared up.

BPP is taking bookings now for the upcoming CFA exams. If you’re looking for some extra guidance in your revision phase you should definitely check it out. You can book your place using the button below (look for the ‘Revision’ course under Online Classroom Live). 

If you have any questions feel free to drop it in the comments below!
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