Your Cheat Sheets to the 2012 CFA Results Analysis

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The fastest and most complete way to get all our learnings from the 2012 June CFA results is to get our report. But sometimes you’re in a rush and just want to grab and go: never mind the details, just gimme quick pointers.

As we were brainstorming on ways to be more useful to readers, we felt that it would be great to design a ready-to-print cheat sheet on the results analysis. You’d be able to easily print this out and have a quick reference guide wherever you are. 

We’ve covered these points before so we won’t repeat ourselves in this post. We’re going to just let the cheat sheets do the talking (click on each image to view a larger size):

Level I


Level II


Level III

You can download these cheatsheets now, 100% free, using the links below.

Click on the button below to view all 3 sheets. You can also use if you want to forward this on.

If you just want to download a cheat sheet for a particular level, here are the links:

We’re new to designing these, so any feedback you can give us in the comments below, or by emailing would be really appreciated! Your feedback is valuable for us to improve and tweak our future efforts.

Hope you enjoy the cheat sheets! For full details on all our analytics, get our full report.

Zee Tan
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