Happy Holidays! Here’s 3 Things to Expect from 300 Hours in the New Year

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By Christine

“December is like the Friday of the year.”

Zee uttered this recently, and it especially rang true this week. Most people are in a holiday mood every day of the week. It’s a greater-than-normal atmosphere at work, people being cheerier than usual. 

So on Christmas Day, what do we post? Yet another CFA tip? More CFA insights?

The CFA program is important, but not that important. We can have a day off exam stuff.

Instead, for today, I’ll just be having a little fireside chat on what we are looking at for the upcoming year for 300 Hours. We’re always working and thinking on how to improve, and these are 3 things that we think will be first on our agenda when work gears back into full swing.

As our dear readers, your feedback on this is really important, so do make your thoughts known in the comments!

1. More CFA topical posts

One area that is still not properly covered by us is an in-depth exploration into CFA topics. Of course, we can never match the level of detail covered by your CFA materials. However, working on a first-look primer for each CFA topic would be useful for all our readers, so that’s one of our big aims to be working on in the upcoming year – to provide readers with a quick-start on each CFA topic through our posts.

It would require a lot of work from us (and frankly a lot of brush-up from us rusty charterholders), but we think it’s worth it if it helps our readers more!

2. A better, more candidate-friendly layout

When we first started 300 Hours, we used a simple blog layout, which made a lot of sense at the time. Hundreds of articles and millions of views later, the layout could use a little updating. 

Most of you would have started reading the blog and forum as it increased in popularity, but there are many old posts that are just as relevant and useful as they were years ago when they were first written. Although we do have them in our View All Articles page, we could do a better job in making them more accessible to you.

Again, a tall order, but this is something we are committed to work on next year.

3. More awesomeness: discounts, insights, advice, freebies for the CFA exams

Part of what makes 300 Hours awesome to me is that we’ve built and evolved 300 Hours to be the help resource we wish we had when we were candidates. Through offering advice, exam insights, discounts and freebies (when we can get them), our new CFA Calendar, we help our readers get the best out of themselves to succeed in the CFA exams, and that really makes me happy and fulfilled about my work.

We will continue to give you much, much more on this, with the goal of being as useful a tool to you, dear reader, to stand a much better chance of passing your CFA exams.

Here’s to a great holiday, and an even better year ahead! If you’ve got a suggestion on what we should also work on, let us know in the comments below.

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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