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Since 300 Hours started, we’ve been providing our CFA Analysis Report for our readers. This is a one-of-a-kind report, based on analysing thousands of reader-submitted, actual CFA exam results across multiple years. Data-backed lessons and proof of how to approach your CFA prep: something that you can’t get just anywhere.

By getting the report, readers help us fund and help it keep going, and also get something useful and unique for their CFA preparation. 

And today, you can get this report completely free. We may pull this offer at any moment, so do take advantage of this when it’s still on. Just read on to get it!

Our super-useful tool to assist you with a CFA exam pass

As you may know, our team at consists of finance professionals that all have passed their 3 CFA exams. We’ve crafted the report to be as useful as it can be, without being overly long to digest (we know CFA candidates already have a lot to get through!)

Over the years, we’ve evolved the report to become more effective as a CFA exam tool for readers. The third edition of this report now addresses seven main areas:

  • Section 1: What are the topics that matter in each CFA level? 
  • Section 2: How large are the differences between failing bands? 
  • Section 3: What is the estimated Minimum Passing Score? 
  • Section 4: When should I start my CFA study preparation? 
  • Section 5: How many practice exams should I aim for? 
  • Section 6: How important is having a background in finance? 
  • Section 7: How can candidates better address the Level III essay section?

Fill out a 10-minute survey and get our Analysis Report for free 


Usually you can get our report for $15, or some kind readers choose to give more as a token of their support (thanks again!). However, today there is a way to get it for free.

We are currently running a CFA survey for our readers, and for a limited time, if you fill out the anonymous survey below (which should take no more than 10 minutes), as a thank you, we will give you the CFA Analysis Report as a free, instant download. No strings attached.

All you have to do is fill out the survey below, and you’ll receive your own personal free download link on the survey completion screen. If you can pass the word on about this offer to anyone you know taking the CFA exam as well, that would be great.


If you have any questions about the offer, the Analysis Report, or survey, just drop them in the comments below. Otherwise, hope you enjoy your free report today, and hope it helps you prepare for your upcoming CFA exam!
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