Get All Our Learnings from the June 2012 CFA Exams In One Place

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Get Everything You Can Learn from the CFA Exams In This Analysis Report

We have a really exciting announcement. After weeks of hard work, we’re finally ready to make our CFA June 2012 Results Analysis Report available for download!

All our groundbreaking research and analytics on the June 2012 CFA exams is now available as a handy downloadable report. Our research has been a one-of-a-kind in the CFA exams, and now all the learnings are gathered, edited and presented in one easy read

What’s in the report?
Some of the content we cover in this report:

  • Sample pass rate breakdowns
  • Topic-by-topic analysis 
  • Minimum Passing Score analysis
  • Failing band analysis
  • Competitive assessment across levels
  • Essay format learnings (Level III)
  • Sample size & methodologies used

All learnings for every level are presented in intuitive, simple-to-understand graphics and explanations. Needless to say, this is valuable context to make your approach to the CFA exams even more efficient.

Optimized for laptops, print and tablets.

The report is produced in full, rich colour PDF. The presentation, layout and sizes are optimized for all tablets, for printouts or for just reading straight from your laptop.

Pay what you want.
Contributing a small sum can go a long way to help us maintain this website. Getting this report is a great way to contribute, and you get something great in return. We suggest £5, but you can choose to contribute more or less – you’ll help keep our site running!

Satisfaction guaranteed.
Online products don’t usually provide refunds. But you guys are important to us, and since we’re new to this, we don’t want anyone to have a bad experience. If after trying it out you feel that the report hasn’t helped you, just let us know within 60 days, and we’ll refund your money.

What about similar articles found in the blog?
While this report is useful to any candidate, some of the report’s learnings are also available on this blog for free, if you search for them. So why would you pay £5 for this report if some of it is already free? 

Honestly, if you can’t afford it, just adjust your contribution to what you can afford. You can also search for these articles, print them out or format them yourself, and that would be free. However, there is definitely value to the report, and we know you’ll find it worth the price.

Some of the benefits of getting the report:

  • All the learnings in one place. Everything is included here. No need to search or dig through the archives, print or reformat. That’s a lot of time saved, which for you as candidates is extremely valuable, as your time is worth 50 times what we’re asking for the report.
  • Printable, portable and (i)Padable. Our report is optimized for any mobile format, be it printouts or iPads. Take them when you’re out studying to maximize the learnings.
  • Great, thoughtful design. We’ve worked on various designs to maximize attention, clarity and digestibility. Everything’s been carefully laid out to be easily read and understood.
  • You’d be supporting us, and also get something in return. When we first started 300 Hours, we had no idea that maintaining a site like this actually cost quite a lot. While we’ve funded most of this ourselves, we would welcome any contribution to help us continue. Getting this report is a relatively painless way to contribute because you get something great in return.

We’ve spent a lot of effort and time in gathering the data, crunching the numbers and putting this report together, so we hope you’ll find this as entertaining and as useful as we set out to make it! Click here to get the report now.

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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    • Hi Kashif The content is mostly available for free on the blog, and by submitting your results we would have informed you when these articles were first published. This report is simply another way for readers to get all the information in one nice package, plus extras that wouldn’t fit in posts. You’d also be helping us keep the site going, so instead of asking for donations, or overloading readers with ads, we figured we’d do this instead. We’ve also allowed candidates to pay what they feel like (with a small minimum to cover transaction costs). We haven’t worked out all the logistics yet, but we hope to offer the Dec 2018 update for free to everyone who purchased this report, regardless of whatever contribution paid. I hope this answers some of your questions at least, but if you have any further questions I’d be more than happy to answer them. Just email


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