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By Zee

It’s been quite some time since we’ve set up this merry little blog, and we’ve loved every second of it.

We love it when readers benefit from our advice, are encouraged or entertained by our stories, and are informed by the analytical work that we do.

We really enjoyed interacting with you via email and through blog comments, but we would really like to get to know you and help you much more. So today we’re pulling off the wraps on our latest section of the 300 Hours website – the 300 Hours Community. It’s a free forum for candidates to talk to us, be it to ask questions and or ideas, but also more importantly to talk to other candidates as well.

And right until the June 2013 exam, you can also get free crucial CFA study guides via the 300 Hours Community. Read on to find out more!


What is the 300 Hours Community?

As we mentioned earlier, the 300 Hours Community is a 100% free forum and support group for CFA candidates. Candidates would be able to reach out to the 300 Hours team for advice or just to have a chat, or meet other candidates who are experiencing the same exam anxiety.

We will be at the forum every single day to answer your questions, so this is by far the best way to get a quick answer to any CFA or career-related question you have.

Below is an example – click through to view the full discussion.

What are all these points and badges?

In the 300 Hours Community, we love it when members help each other. So much that we award points for it, and when you’re especially awesome you will earn badges as well (which are worth even more points!).

Commenting actively, starting discussions, getting your posts liked by other members due to their helpfulness are one of the many things you can do to get points. There are also things you can do to earn badges – we’ll leave it for you to discover these on your own!

You can view the weekly and lifetime leaders in points at the Activity Tab in the forum. The weekly leader section will be key to getting your free Eleventh Hour Guide and Results Report!

How do I get a Free Elan Eleventh Hour Guide and Results Report?

And to reward awesome members, from now until the June 2013 exam, we’re giving away a free copy of the Elan Guides’ Eleventh Hour Guide every week to the weekly leader, and free copies of the 300 Hours CFA Results Report to the top 3 highest weekly leaders. 

That’s right: we’re giving away a free Eleventh Hour Guide to the weekly leader, and free copies of our Results Report to the top 3 weekly leaders. Every week. Until the exam. 

What is the Eleventh Hour Guide? The Eleventh Hour Review Guide is Elan Guide‘s quick review book that will expedite your revision and ensure that you are familiar with all important concepts. It becomes very difficult to go over so many books in the last few weeks before the exam, so Elan has condensed the material for you. Further, Elan’s instructors comments and tips will help you optimize your performance.

What is the 300 Hours Results Analysis Report? The Report contains all our learnings from analyzing thousands of candidates’ results for the June and December 2012 CFA exams. We have covered many aspects of the exam including topic importance and difficulty, how your background correlates to your performance, and our determination of the Minimum Passing Score (MPS). For more details check out this page.

How do I win again? If you’re at the top of the Weekly Activity table on Sunday evening 7pm London time, you’ll get a free Eleventh Hour Guide, as well as a free 300 Hours Results Analysis Report. If you’re 2nd or 3rd place, you’ll get a free 300 Hours Results Analysis Report. Your ranking is by on the number of points you have, which is obtained by acquiring likes from fellow commenters, getting your posts promoted by moderators, and being awarded badges, among other things.

What counts as a week? The week runs from Monday morning (12am London time) to Sunday night (7pm London time), so every Monday from now until the June exam, we will announce the winners, and they will get their rewards immediately. Register today and start commenting!

Who is eligible? Anyone who registers and starts commenting is eligible! The exceptions are moderators. These are mainly @christine, @Zee and @Sophie.

How will I get my prizes? You’ll get them pretty much immediately after we’ve determined a winner every Monday morning.

How do I get started? Register now and start commenting today!

Registering and commenting below will also earn you your first badge. Looking forward to seeing you in the Community, and many thanks to Elan Guides for providing the Eleventh Hour giveaways.

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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