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By Christine

Hope the CFA exams went well for you, if you took it recently. Hope you’re taking the time to meet with friends and family, get some proper rest, and catch up with various other personal things that just get swept aside in the CFA studying frenzy!

I did all the above, and I also started writing for 300 Hours right after my exams. I wanted to help other CFA candidates – prepare better, learn from my mistakes and successes. The CFA exam is hard enough as it is.

So after your own exams, whatever your CFA level, I wanted to see if you (yes, you, the one reading this right now) would be interested in being a part of the 300 Hours movement, and contributing an article or two, becoming a regular writer, or just contributing in some other way. Read on to find out how!

Why become a 300 Hours contributor?

  • Gain CV Experience: You’ll be surprised how much financial writing experience helps in standing out and starting conversations in interviews. You’ll learn skills that help you write anything better, including a better CV!
  • Learn A New Skill: We have a training guide for new contributors to writing online content effectively. Our editing team will also review your article and work with you to make your article as awesome as it can be, concurrently developing your writing skills and experience.
  • Work-Relevant Skills: Learning effective writing also enables you to build killer presentations at work, write effective emails and documentation.
  • Reach a Huge Audience: You’ll be a published writer speaking to an audience that can easily fill up a stadium.
  • Career Exposure: 300 Hours reaches millions of readers. By contributing, you’ll be able to raise your online profile, which will lead to stronger career prospects, more contacts and job opportunities.
  • Help Out: Don’t you sometimes wish someone could have pointed out something obvious that you missed during your own CFA studying process? You could be that person.
  • It’s Fun: If you’ve never done this before, it would be a cool thing to try out!

I’m intrigued. How do I learn more / become a contributor?

It’s easy – we’ve put together a handy form below to guide you. If you’re even just a teensy bit interested, just fill in the form below. We’ve had lots of awesome people contribute to 300 Hours in the past, but we can never have too many great contributors. I hope to hear from you!

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