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By Zee

It’s been really challenging to set aside time to write for 300 Hours lately.

Part of it is because we’ve been hard at work developing the latest version of the 300 Hours Results Analysis Report – which should be out in the coming weeks. 

But in general, with 300 Hours, there are tons of awesome stuff we really want to incorporate that we just don’t have enough time to do. The number of ideas we want to develop always vastly outnumber the resources we have.

Today, however, we’re really happy to push some of our ideas just a bit further. From today, we’re super excited to be able to offer all senior members of the 300 Hours Community Forum a smashing 300 Hours memento – your very own 300 Hours study mug!

What is up for grabs?

An exclusively designed mug, delivered to your doorstep. The inaugural design is as below:

How is this mug the awesomest mug for CFA exams there is? Designed to be your firm companion to your struggle against the CFA exam, this is the CFA good-luck mug to end all good-luck mugs. The sturdy 11oz capacity will hold any hot or cold beverage of your choosing, and its porcelain finish has a high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock.

Overall, a compact representation of pure awesomeness.

When I order things online, one thing that really gets me properly annoyed is shipping costs. That’s why we’ve worked extra hard (and taken extra time) to make sure that this giveaway includes delivery. And given that our readers hail from all corners of the world, we’ve made sure that delivery includes pretty much anywhere in the world!

I’m SOLD! So who can get this awesome mug for free? (Hint: Join the Forum!)
If you’re a 300 Hours Community member, you may already qualify! We’re happy to be able to offer this mug for our forum members that have achieved a rank of Portfolio Manager and above in the 300 Hours Community. Being a Portfolio Manager on the Community is an awesome achievement – attained after obtaining 250 Community Points.

If you’re not yet a Community member, what are you waiting for? Not only will you get free advice and discussions on your CFA studies, but also a fun support group that are going through exactly the same kind of life challenges that you are.

Being a Portfolio Manager is also a sign of trust – you’re a great member of the Community, and new members will benefit from your guidance. Besides, who doesn’t like to get promoted?

250 Community Points gets you to Portfolio Manager. So how do we earn points?

There are several ways as to how you earn points, but generally the more helpful and active a member is, the more points this member has.

Here are the basics to how earning points work out:

  • Getting a Like or LOL on any of your comments from another member gets you 1 point. Writing helpful and insightful comments is therefore key to getting loads of points – your more awesome comments will continue earning points long after you’ve made them! Similarly a particular commenter has helped you out, send that member some love by Liking or LOLing the comment.
  • Getting your post promoted is like a ‘super like’ from moderators – this gets you a bunch of points!
  • Getting a new badge gets a large number of points. This varies from badge to badge.

In general, being active and helpful will go a long, long way in accumulating points. And a manic badge hunter.

I’d rather have another design! I’ve got a perfect one right here.
We’d love to check out your design! If you’ve got a great design to replace our ‘Bring It On’ graphic, do send it in to us at If it’s beyond awesome we’d be happy to incorporate it into our collection.

I’m already a Portfolio Manager or above. How do I get my mug?

If you’re already entitled to your awesome mug, just PM Zee in the forum and let him know! He’ll sort you out in a jiffy – the redemption process should be super simple!

I’m too impatient – I need to have it NOW!

If you’d like to get your mug now, you can buy it here. We’ve made it available for readers at cost – we make NO money from this. If you’d like to support us and help us keep the site running, do get our Analysis Report!

We’re really happy to be able to offer our members awesome stuff. If you’ve got more ideas on how to make 300 Hours more awesome for readers, do tell us below!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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