how to pass cfa level 1 in 2 weeks

How To Pass CFA Level 1 In 2 Weeks: My Crazy Story

Editor’s note: This is a personal story shared as an anecdote. You should definitely NOT look to this example for your own CFA preparation approach (unless desperate)! Hi, I’m Scott, and a few years ago, I passed my CFA Level 1 with just 2 weeks worth of studying.  I started two Saturdays away from the …

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how i passed cfa level 2 with just practice questions

How I Passed CFA Level 2 With Just Practice Questions

CFA Level 2 is usually regarded as the toughest CFA level there is, and I probably agree with that. The time I spent on preparing for CFA Level 2 is substantial, but the manner of which I went about it is unusual – I did not use any study notes. Instead, my approach consisted of …

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how to guess better in cfa exams multiple choice questions orig

How To Guess CFA Exam Questions Better [& What Won’t Work]

It is CFA exam questions practice season now. Besides being the most effective way to prepare for the CFA exams, it’s also always a good idea to really get to know the exam format well – hence our recommendation on completing 4-6 practice exams! Regardless the preparation level, there will be times during the exam where you …

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master cfa exam essays and item sets with kaplan schweser s workshops title orig

Master CFA Essays and Item-Sets with Kaplan Schweser’s Workshops

Besides understanding the CFA curriculum, we’ve stressed time and again how important it is to understand the actual format of the CFA exam to stand a chance of passing. This becomes even more important when you reach CFA Levels II and III. To successfully navigate the item-set and essay format, time management, question comprehension and …

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