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May 2021 CFA Exams Cancelled in Multiple Locations [Latest List]

20th May 2021: May 2021 CFA exams in Buenos Aires, Argentina changed to partial closure 17th May 2021: Full closure in Taipei, Taiwan 14th May 2021: Partial closings in 5 more locations 13th May 2021: Kathmandu full closure and partial closing in Vietnam and Colombo, Sri Lanka. 11th May 2021: Partial closings in 6 more …

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CFA exams in 2020 review

2020 in Review: How the CFA Exams Have Changed In Just One Year

What a year. It has been tragic, stressful, complicated, yet hopeful and full of changes. Speaking of changes, CFA exams experienced the greatest upheaval in its 57 year history this year. Here’s a chronological recap of all the CFA exam changes that occurred in 2020: 16 March: CFA Institute has yet to announced any changes …

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“Likelihood of December Exam Cancellations”: What Does CFA Institute’s Latest Email Mean?

Some December 2020 CFA exam candidates received an email from CFA Institute last week about ‘potential December exam cancellations’ – frustrating, and possibly a bit confusing for candidates. Here’s a breakdown of the messaging, what we think it means, and a couple points to consider when making your decision on whether to postpone your Dec20 …

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Dec20 vs 2021 CFA Exams: Should You Postpone?

Last week, CFA Institute ripped up the rulebook once again, announcing that CFA Level 2 and Level 3 will transition to computer-based exams in 2021, effectively cancelling the paper-based Jun21 exams and making Dec20 the last paper-based exam. Registration for the Dec20 CFA exams close very soon – 19th August, as a matter of fact. …

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CFA December 2020: Will It Get Postponed Again?

The CFA exams were postponed in June 2020. But given that the pandemic is still making its rounds, could the CFA exams be postponed again, or even cancelled? Read on to find out! Be alerted if anything affects the Dec20 CFA exams It’s likely that you would be among the first to know anyway, as …

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CFA Exam Postponed: All the Latest Info and FAQs

CFA Institute announced a few weeks ago that they are postponing the June 2020 CFA exams to the next two available dates: December 2020 and June 2021. Since the announcement a lot more details have been clarified with CFA Institute and providers. We’ve updated the FAQs in this article (check the end) with the latest …

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CFA Exams Coronavirus Updates: How COVID-19 Can Affect Candidates

By Christine Martinez Update 19 Mar 2020: The CFA June 2020 exams has been postponed to later dates. You can read our detailed update here. You’ve got enough stress with the CFA exams already – then comes the coronavirus. In the past few months, the coronavirus has caused a level of disruption – and financial market …

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