Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level? 1

Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level?

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the hardest CFA level of them all? While opinions differ among us, I think quite a lot of CFA charterholders agree that the answer is between CFA Level 2 vs Level 3. In this articles, we focus on the reasons why candidates felt that CFA Level 2 or …

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cfa vs frm

CFA vs FRM: Which is better for me?

Finance certifications such as CFA and FRM are a cost effective way (compared to an MBA) to give your finance career a boost. We do receive a lot of questions from our readers trying to understand the core differences between them in deciding whether to pursue CFA or FRM. Hence, for those still on the …

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Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level? 2

CFA Exams: 20 Things I Wish I Knew Beforehand

Umpteen years ago, after checking that I meet the eligibility requirements, I signed up for my CFA Level 1 exams as a sprightly, wide-eyed innocent. Now that I’m a CFA charterholder, I wished I had someone who’d gone through everything to point out the potholes of the journey I’m on. For example, warning me about the …

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Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level? 3

Does CFA Help? Maybe, But It’s Not a Golden Ticket to Jobs

The CFA charter is a great career enhancer in the right industries, and when utilized to its full potential. Although it is challenging to attain, if you are well prepared with a good study plan, it is perfectly possible and will significantly boost your career. That said, does CFA help you get you a job or guarantee one? …

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cfa mock exam target score

What’s A Safe CFA Mock Exam Target Score To Aim For?

It’s easy to get discouraged by the recent unexpected trends in CFA minimum passing scores and pass rates. While there are a few reasons for the recent low CFA pass rates, the implications for CFA candidates are clear: the guidance on CFA mock exam target scores has to change to improve pass chances. In this …

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cfa exam cost

2022 CFA Exam Cost Breakdown: A Detailed Estimate

This article focuses on 2022’s CFA exam fees. From 2023, CFA early registration fees increases from $700 to $900, and standard registration fee from $1,000 to $1,200. Enrollment fee decreases from $450 to $350. When evaluating the benefits of the CFA charter, we quite often come to the discussion on whether CFA is a good return …

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what is cfa good for

What Is CFA Good For? A Quick Look at Employers and Job Roles

What is CFA good for, exactly? Somewhere along the way, in the haze of studying, you may wonder whether the CFA journey is worthwhile, or why you even took it in the first place.  It’s not surprising that a large proportion of CFA Program candidates cite career development and advancement as a reason to register for the CFA …

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Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level? 4

How to Convince Your Firm To Pay For Your CFA Exam

I was feeling really poor back when I was attempting CFA Level 2. I had just been let go in my finance role and I wanted to switch careers into advertising, yet still continue pursuing the CFA charter as a safeguard just in case my career switch was a misguided detour. My previous finance employer …

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Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level? 5

Should I Be Taking the CFA Without Finance Background?

If you’re studying for the CFA without finance background, would that put you at a disadvantage when it comes to passing the exams? Since 2012, we have built up a robust, 10 years worth of data from our awesome readers to answer that very question. Each time when CFA results are announced, our readers shared …

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