CFA Charterholder Requirements

What Exactly Are the CFA Charterholder Requirements?

There has been a lot written on the usefulness of the CFA qualification towards your career, but this post isn’t another one of them.  Instead, for the ones that are considering the CFA charter, today we will cover exactly what you will need to do in order to obtain and earn the right to use the CFA charter, in …

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Summary of 2021 CFA exam changes

2021 CFA Exam Changes: 10 Lesser-Known Updates You Should Know

2021 is the year of change for CFA exams. You probably already know that not just Level 1, but all CFA exams are transitioning to computer-based testing (CBT), with higher testing frequency available and a reduced test duration. However, CFA Institute tends to announce other smaller – yet important – changes via its website or …

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cfa investment foundations vs cfa

CFA Investment Foundations vs CFA Program: A Clear Comparison

Did you know that besides the CFA program, CFA Institute also offers a free CFA Investment Foundations program? Many potential candidates get confused between the two qualifications, so we thought it may be helpful to put together a proper comparison guide to help you decide between CFA Investment Foundations vs CFA Program. Let’s dive in! …

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Plan CFA Registration Journey Planner

Plan Your 2021 CFA Registration With Our Free Journey Planner

Important: this article has been updated for August and 7th December 2020’s (big) schedule changes.  2021 represents a big step change for all CFA candidates, with full transition to computer-based testing (CBT), shorter exams and increased testing frequency for all Levels. It also doesn’t help that CFA Institute has since then implemented a few additional changes …

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What Is The CFA Exam

What Is The CFA Exam? A Useful Beginner’s Guide

Considering the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program and wondering what is the CFA exam all about? The CFA exams have recently undergone huge changes in exam format, schedules and even results formats. ​Here’s our ultimate beginner’s guide to how the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation will look like in 2021 and beyond. What Is The CFA Exam? A Quick Overview The …

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CFA curriculum changes and topic weights

2021 CFA Curriculum Changes and Topic Weights, Summarized

Did you know that CFA Institute typically updates the CFA curriculum and topic weights in August annually for all 3 levels? Due to coronavirus, CFA Institute has kept the 2021 curriculum the same as 2020’s. This means that 2020’s curriculum material would still be 100% relevant for the 2021 exams – but the topic weights …

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CFA exams in 2020 review

2020 in Review: How the CFA Exams Have Changed In Just One Year

What a year. It has been tragic, stressful, complicated, yet hopeful and full of changes. Speaking of changes, CFA exams experienced the greatest upheaval in its 57 year history this year. Here’s a chronological recap of all the CFA exam changes that occurred in 2020: 16 March: CFA Institute has yet to announced any changes …

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