CFA Exam Dates Deadlines and Schedule For Your Calendar

CFA Exam Dates 2023-2024: Key Registration Deadlines

Keeping track of all the important CFA exam information and deadlines is tough as is, especially when you’re already busy studying to pass the exams. It didn’t help that CFA Institute’s dates kept changing for the CFA exam window frequencies for each level. So here’s a quick summary on all relevant CFA exam dates you need …

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CFA entry requirements

CFA Entry Requirements: A Detailed Overview

There are currently more than 175,000 individuals CFA charterholders globally, and this number is only expected to increase. The first step of becoming a CFA charterholder is to register for CFA Level 1. This brings up a handful of important questions: If you’re considering the CFA Program, check the list below to ensure you meet …

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cfa and frm

CFA and FRM: Best Way to Get Both Quickly

When looking to boost my financial expertise and qualifications, I went through what was a fairly common dilemma a few years ago: CFA or FRM? My question was then: why not both CFA and FRM, together? In a competitive world of finance, with companies desiring prospective employees to have a broad range of skillset and knowledge, …

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cfa curriculum changes 2023

CFA Curriculum Changes 2023: A Quick Breakdown

Note: This article is for the new 2023 curriculum. For last year’s info, check out our article on 2022 CFA curriculum changes. The new 2023 CFA curriculum is now out for all 3 levels, with some 2023 exams already open for registration. With CFA Program’s annual syllabus update, we have checked and compared all the …

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cfa exam cost

2023 CFA Exam Cost Breakdown: A Detailed Estimate

When evaluating the benefits of the CFA charter, we quite often come to the discussion on whether CFA is a good return on investment.  Whilst the return part of the equation is subjective and trickier to estimate (as the potential gains depends on various factors unique to you), the monetary cost is more predictable with a …

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cfa in college

Should You Consider CFA In College?

Can you take CFA Level 1 in college? Yes, according to CFA Level 1’s entry requirements, the earliest candidates can register for CFA Level 1 is when they have 2 years (instead of one year) remaining in their undergraduate degree. But, should you be taking CFA Level 1 in college though? I think it depends, …

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is cfa worth it

CFA Value: Is CFA Worth It? Should I Take It?

Is CFA worth it, especially considering the 1,000+ hours you need to complete all 3 levels over an average of 4 years and the relatively low pass rates? What are the benefits of CFA charter? The answer depends on your personal circumstances, your career goals and what you make of it.  Drawing from my personal …

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run jump hurdle challenge fast

CFA Exemptions: A Big Perk You Should Know

We’ve gone through the direct advantages of pursuing the CFA charter. Although there are currently no exemptions on the CFA exams itself, are you aware that the CFA Program could be getting you fast-tracked through things like: Whether you are a CFA candidate or charterholder, it’s always a good idea to check if other certification …

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applying for jobs

Does CFA Help? Maybe, But It’s Not a Golden Ticket to Jobs

The CFA charter is a great career enhancer in the right industries, and when utilized to its full potential. Although it is challenging to attain, if you are well prepared with a good study plan, it is perfectly possible and will significantly boost your career. That said, does CFA help you get you a job or guarantee one? …

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cfa vs mba

CFA vs MBA: Which Is Better for Your Career?

If you currently or aspire to work in finance, and have evaluated if MBA is worth it to you, a natural follow up comparison question could be: CFA vs MBA which is better for me? Like most comparisons, the answer is – it depends. Firstly, it’s not straightforward to compare a CFA charter and an MBA …

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