cfa ethics

CFA Ethics: Top 10 Tips To Nail This [All Levels]

The Ethical and Professional Standards section is challenging for most CFA candidates given the more subjective nature of the topic and questions (vs. the rest of the curriculum), and the sheer amount of readings to go through. Regardless whether you’re new to CFA exams or a seasoned CFA Level 3 candidate, CFA Ethics section plays …

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TI BA II Plus guide - how to use BA II Plus CFA calculator

TI BA II Plus Guide: How To Use Your Calculator Better

Speed and accuracy matter for the CFA, FRM and CAIA exams. It is worth investing some time to learn how to use your calculator more effectively. This Texas Instruments BA II Plus guide is the ultimate list of some lesser-known, time-saving calculator functions that you need to know for your CFA exam preparations. These tips and …

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looking at art

CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Whilst a relatively smaller topic weight in the overall Level 1 exams, CFA Alternative Investments is an important topic career-wise if you work in asset management as it is expected to capture 49% of global asset management revenue by 2024. I personally found this …

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cfa level 1 economics cheat sheet

CFA Level 1 Economics: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Regardless whether you’ve a background in finance or economics, Economics is a central topic across all 3 levels of the CFA exams that requires some focus to master, especially the exchange rate section! Building a strong foundation in CFA Level 1 Economics is essential …

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cfa level 1 fixed income cheat sheet

CFA Level 1 Fixed Income: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Fixed Income is a central topic in finance, and it increases in importance (topic weight wise) as you advance to CFA Level 3. With so many key concepts to cover, we decided to create our Cheat Sheet series of articles, which focuses on one …

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cfa level 1 corporate finance cheat sheet

CFA Level 1 Corporate Issuers: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Since 2022, Corporate Finance has been renamed as Corporate Issuers with a major revision on the topic. Although a relatively small topic weight, CFA Level 1 Corporate Issuers is one of those topics that is highly interlinked with FRA and Quantitative Methods, therefore mastering …

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300 hours rough guide to a solid cfa study plan planner 1 orig

Customize Your Free CFA Study Planner [Updated for 2023]

“Love the website content and the CFA study planner has become an absolute necessity for me! It helped me clear Level 1 in my first attempt by always keeping me on top of my study schedule. “ Reshma Menon, CFA L2 candidate So you’ve decided to register for the CFA exams.  The natural next step is to …

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ti ba ii plus vs hp 12c

Best CFA Calculator Guide: TI BA II Plus vs HP 12C

Not sure which CFA approved calculator to use? If you’re still on the fence about Texas Instrument’s BA II Plus vs HP 12C, you’ve come to the right place. In this CFA calculator guide – which also applies to the FRM and CAIA exams by the way – we discuss the pros and cons of …

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hp12c user guide - how to use hp12c

How To Use HP12C Calculator Better for Your Exams

This is a guide on how to use HP12C calculator. If you’re using Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator, check out our how-to guide here. The HP12C calculator is Hewlett Packard’s longest and best-selling product, in continual production since its introduction in 1981. Due to its simple operation for key financial calculations, the calculator long ago …

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