4 Legendary-But-Probably-Ill-Advised Ways to Celebrate The End of Your CFA Exams

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PictureExams? KILL IT WITH FIRE!

By Zee

Ah, post-exam celebrations. What anticipation. What planning.

And what stories one could tell.

Hope the exams went well for you, and hope that our resources on this blog, the forum as well as our report helped you push past the pass line!

As a CFA candidate I always had big plans for my post-exam night out. Unfortunately after trying to navigate the transportation hell that is the London Excel Centre I barely had enough energy for a drink and a crash straight into bed. Not very exciting.

Unlike these 4 groups of students below, obviously, who’s repertoire includes nakedness, kidnapping, punching tourists in the face, and makeshift flamethrowers. Read on…

Cambridge, UK – drinking, fighting, condoms and punching tourists
Cambridge University doles out some pretty stressful exams too. Students hence naturally also have rather raucous end-of-exam celebrations, which involves getting excessively drunk, fighting, hurling ‘friendly banter’, champagne and flour at each other, as well as tourists. And there are quite a few tourists in Cambridge.

Some random ercepts from some Cambridge post-exam bonanzas:

  • Girls were seen drinking port through condoms, while others were held upside down as alcohol was poured into their mouths and some acted out sexual positions.
  • Hundreds shouted and cheered as more than 20 male students with “war paint” on their faces engaged in a vicious fight during which blood was shed (a traditional fight between two Cambridge colleges called Caesarian Sunday)
  • Lots of the students were semi-naked, others were shouting, swearing and singing loudly. They were totally out of control and no one seemed to be stopping them.
  • Officials banned the event’s organisers, the Wyverns all-male drinking club from Magdalene College, from holding it on college property after a female jelly-wrestling competitor was arrested for punching a spectator in 2008.

As you can imagine, tourists don’t take too kindly to this, and recently the university has banned any antisocial behaviour post-exam. We’ll see if that curbs their students enthusiasm…

Boulder, Colorado – naked mountain hiking
A student was celebrating the end of her exams with a nice hike with roommates, as well as some “shrooming” activity. Magic mushrooms are tricky businesses though – you never know what’s going to happen.

And in the case of this unfortunate girl, she proceeded to strip naked and completely freak out. Her two roommates tried to restrain her and called 911. It took 35 personnel (35?!) to respond to the call, handcuff her, and place her in a rescue basket (remember, they were trying to get her off a friggin mountain safely for crying out loud).

Summons and charges handed out all around…

Jakarta, Indonesia – spray paints, fire, and riot police
Meanwhile in Jakarta, apparently it’s somewhat of a trend among Indonesian students recently to celebrate the end of their exams with: 

  1. Lots of spray painting activity, especially on their own clothes (?!), and LIGHTING THEM ON FIRE BECAUSE WHY NOT
  2. Victory parades on motorbikes, jeeps and various other vehicles
  3. The involvement of riot police

Now that sounds like these guys know how to cause a proper ruckus.


Johns Creek, Georgia – organizing a kidnapping. His own
Aftab Aslam was dreading telling his parents that he’d flunked English the second time, so he decided to give them something decidedly more distracting to worry about.

He was reported missing on April 27 2013, and his parents received a text message from his ‘kidnapper’ 3 days later, telling them that their son had been kidnapped and would be killed if they contact the police. The parents immediately called the police, which brought in the FBI into the fray as well.

After 8 days Aftab returned home perfectly safe, and the police and FBI soon learnt that he bought the phone used to text his parents the kidnapping message, and he simply camped out in an open field for 8 days and returned when the weather was too cold and rainy.

Aslam is now facing three felony counts each of making false statement, tampering with evidence, and terroristic threats. He is currently held in jail without bond. And he failed English. Again.

How did your exam celebrations go? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Tribun News, International Business Times

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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