3HC Weekly Workshop: Kurtosis, GIPS and 6 more Topics

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3HC Weekly Workshop: Kurtosis, GIPS and 6 more Topics

By Christine

Hope your studies are going well!

As we’ve mentioned many times before, practice is key, and we recommend that you do loads of practice exams to maximise your chances of passing. Remember that if you need extra practice exams, you can always check out our Reviews and Offers section for any deals that you might want to use.

So hopefully you’re almost done with your syllabus review, but if you’re anything like us, quite a few earlier details may have leaked out of your brain. That’s ok, and perfectly normal.

That’s why we thought a topical deep-dive might be useful for some of you to hammer in the trickier concepts that you may still be struggling with. In the 300 Hours Community, our members have had some good discussions around CFA topics they’ve had trouble with. I’ve picked some discussions that you might be interested in for this post.

General CFA

CFA Level I

CFA Level II


You can also view all the past workshops we’ve ran here.

Have you got any particular issues or questions that you’re struggling with? Post them in the comments below, or join the 300 Hours Community for free and ask us charterholders!

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